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package stoserver

import ""

The server component main package for Varasto


Package Files

backupcommandhandler.go commandhandlers.go commandhandlerscollectionmutations.go commandhandlersdatamanagement.go commandhandlerskek.go commandhandlersmetadata.go commandhandlersscheduledjobs.go crypto.go entrypoint.go health.go metrics.go restapi.go restapichangefeed.go restapiconversions.go restapiintegrations.go scheduledjobs.go schemamigrations.go server.go updatechecker.go utils.go


const FIXMEsystemUserId = ""

current middlewares has this empty too

func Entrypoint Uses

func Entrypoint() *cobra.Command

type ReconciliationCompletionReport Uses

type ReconciliationCompletionReport struct {
    Timestamp                         time.Time // of report start (because that's what the tx sees)
    TotalCollections                  int
    EmptyCollectionIds                []string
    EmptyDirectoryIds                 []string
    CollectionsWithNonCompliantPolicy []collectionToReconcile

func NewReconciliationCompletionReport Uses

func NewReconciliationCompletionReport() *ReconciliationCompletionReport

type ServerConfig Uses

type ServerConfig struct {
    File                   ServerConfigFile
    SelfNodeId             string
    SelfNodeSmartBackend   stoservertypes.SmartBackend
    ClusterWideMounts      map[int]stotypes.VolumeMount
    DiskAccess             *stodiskaccess.Controller // only for mounts on self node
    ClientsAuthTokens      map[string]bool
    LogTail                *logtee.StringTail
    ReplicationControllers map[int]*storeplication.Controller
    Scheduler              *scheduler.Controller
    MediaScanner           *subsystem
    FuseProjector          *subsystem
    TlsCertificate         wrappedKeypair
    KeyStore               *stokeystore.Store
    FailedMountNames       []string
    Metrics                *metricsController

type ServerConfigFile Uses

type ServerConfigFile struct {
    DbLocation                   string `json:"db_location"`
    DisableReplicationController bool   `json:"disable_replication_controller"`
    DisableMediaScanner          bool   `json:"disable_media_scanner"`


stodbEncapsulates access to the metadata database
stodbimportexportlogic for importing/exporting the metadata database into a file
stodiskaccessdiskaccess ties together DB metadata read/write in addition to writing to disk
stohealthHealth checks for Varasto server
stointegrityverifierResponsible for integrity of your data by periodically scanning your volumes to detect bit rot and hardware failures.
storeplicationControls replication of data between volumes

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