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package stoutils

import ""


Package Files

tcpordomainsocketlistener.go utils.go


var NewApiKeySecret = cryptoLongId
var NewClientId = shortId
var NewCollectionChangesetId = shortId

there's going to be comparatively few of these (changeset IDs are unique within a collection)

var NewCollectionId = longId

there's gonna be lots of these

var NewDirectoryId = longId
var NewEncryptionKeyId = longId
var NewIntegrityVerificationJobId = shortId
var NewKeyEncryptionKeyId = shortId
var NewNodeId = shortId
var NewReplicationPolicyId = shortId
var NewVolumeMountId = shortId
var NewVolumeUuid = longId

func BlobHashVerifier Uses

func BlobHashVerifier(reader io.Reader, br stotypes.BlobRef) io.Reader

this should not be called from anywhere other than DiskAccessManager and varastoclient

func CreateTcpOrDomainSocketListener Uses

func CreateTcpOrDomainSocketListener(addr string, logl *logex.Leveled) (net.Listener, error)

func IsMaybeCompressible Uses

func IsMaybeCompressible(filename string) bool

func ParseDomainSocketPath Uses

func ParseDomainSocketPath(baseUrl string) string

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