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package exploit

import ""


Package Files

exploit.go util.go

func CheckHTTPHealth Uses

func CheckHTTPHealth() error

CheckHTTPHealth do health check

func CheckIfExploitFetched Uses

func CheckIfExploitFetched(driver db.DB, osFamily string) (fetched bool, err error)

CheckIfExploitFetched checks if oval entries are in DB by family, release.

func CheckIfExploitFresh Uses

func CheckIfExploitFresh(driver db.DB, osFamily string) (ok bool, err error)

CheckIfExploitFresh checks if oval entries are fresh enough

func ConvertToModels Uses

func ConvertToModels(es []*exploitmodels.Exploit) (exploits []models.Exploit)

ConvertToModels converts gost model to vuls model

func FillWithExploit Uses

func FillWithExploit(driver db.DB, r *models.ScanResult) (nExploitCve int, err error)

FillWithExploit fills exploit information that has in Exploit

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