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package report

import ""


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azureblob.go chatwork.go cve_client.go db_client.go email.go hipchat.go http.go localfile.go report.go s3.go saas.go slack.go stdout.go stride.go syslog.go telegram.go tui.go util.go writer.go


var CveClient cvedictClient

CveClient is api client of CVE disctionary service.

func CheckIfAzureContainerExists Uses

func CheckIfAzureContainerExists() error

CheckIfAzureContainerExists check the existence of Azure storage container

func CheckIfBucketExists Uses

func CheckIfBucketExists() error

CheckIfBucketExists check the existence of S3 bucket

func EnsureUUIDs Uses

func EnsureUUIDs(configPath string, results models.ScanResults) error

EnsureUUIDs generate a new UUID of the scan target server if UUID is not assigned yet. And then set the generated UUID to config.toml and scan results.

func FillCveInfo Uses

func FillCveInfo(dbclient DBClient, r *models.ScanResult, cpeURIs []string, ignoreWillNotFix bool, integrations ...Integration) error

FillCveInfo fill scanResult with cve info.

func FillCveInfos Uses

func FillCveInfos(dbclient DBClient, rs []models.ScanResult, dir string) ([]models.ScanResult, error)

FillCveInfos fills CVE Detailed Information

func FillWithExploit Uses

func FillWithExploit(driver exploitdb.DB, r *models.ScanResult) (nExploitCve int, err error)

FillWithExploit fills Exploits with exploit dataabase

func FillWithGost Uses

func FillWithGost(driver gostdb.DB, r *models.ScanResult, ignoreWillNotFix bool) (nCVEs int, err error)

FillWithGost fills CVEs with gost dataabase

func FillWithOval Uses

func FillWithOval(driver ovaldb.DB, r *models.ScanResult) (nCVEs int, err error)

FillWithOval fetches OVAL database

func JSONDir Uses

func JSONDir(args []string) (string, error)

JSONDir returns If there is an arg, check if it is a valid format and return the corresponding path under results. If arg passed via PIPE (such as history subcommand), return that path. Otherwise, returns the path of the latest directory

func ListValidJSONDirs Uses

func ListValidJSONDirs() (dirs []string, err error)

ListValidJSONDirs returns valid json directory as array Returned array is sorted so that recent directories are at the head

func LoadScanResults Uses

func LoadScanResults(jsonDir string) (results models.ScanResults, err error)

LoadScanResults read JSON data

func NewCveDB Uses

func NewCveDB(cnf DBClientConf) (driver cvedb.DB, locked bool, err error)

NewCveDB returns cve db client

func NewExploitDB Uses

func NewExploitDB(cnf DBClientConf) (driver exploitdb.DB, locked bool, err error)

NewExploitDB returns db client for Exploit

func NewGostDB Uses

func NewGostDB(cnf DBClientConf) (driver gostdb.DB, locked bool, err error)

NewGostDB returns db client for Gost

func NewOvalDB Uses

func NewOvalDB(cnf DBClientConf) (driver ovaldb.DB, locked bool, err error)

NewOvalDB returns oval db client

func RunTui Uses

func RunTui(results models.ScanResults) subcommands.ExitStatus

RunTui execute main logic

type AzureBlobWriter Uses

type AzureBlobWriter struct{}

AzureBlobWriter writes results to AzureBlob

func (AzureBlobWriter) Write Uses

func (w AzureBlobWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

Write results to Azure Blob storage

type ChatWorkWriter Uses

type ChatWorkWriter struct{}

ChatWorkWriter send report to ChatWork

func (ChatWorkWriter) Write Uses

func (w ChatWorkWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

type DBClient Uses

type DBClient struct {
    CveDB     cvedb.DB
    OvalDB    ovaldb.DB
    GostDB    gostdb.DB
    ExploitDB exploitdb.DB

DBClient is a dictionarie's db client for reporting

func NewDBClient Uses

func NewDBClient(cnf DBClientConf) (dbclient *DBClient, locked bool, err error)

NewDBClient returns db clients

func (DBClient) CloseDB Uses

func (d DBClient) CloseDB()

CloseDB close dbs

type DBClientConf Uses

type DBClientConf struct {
    CveDictCnf  config.GoCveDictConf
    OvalDictCnf config.GovalDictConf
    GostCnf     config.GostConf
    ExploitCnf  config.ExploitConf
    DebugSQL    bool

DBClientConf has a configuration of Vulnerability DBs

type EMailSender Uses

type EMailSender interface {
    Send(subject, body string) error

EMailSender is interface of sending e-mail

func NewEMailSender Uses

func NewEMailSender() EMailSender

NewEMailSender creates emailSender

type EMailWriter Uses

type EMailWriter struct{}

EMailWriter send mail

func (EMailWriter) Write Uses

func (w EMailWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

type GithubSecurityAlertOption Uses

type GithubSecurityAlertOption struct {
    GithubConfs map[string]config.GitHubConf

GithubSecurityAlertOption :

type HTTPRequestWriter Uses

type HTTPRequestWriter struct{}

HTTPRequestWriter writes results to HTTP request

func (HTTPRequestWriter) Write Uses

func (w HTTPRequestWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

Write sends results as HTTP response

type HTTPResponseWriter Uses

type HTTPResponseWriter struct {
    Writer http.ResponseWriter

HTTPResponseWriter writes results to HTTP response

func (HTTPResponseWriter) Write Uses

func (w HTTPResponseWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

Write sends results as HTTP response

type HipChatWriter Uses

type HipChatWriter struct{}

HipChatWriter send report to HipChat

func (HipChatWriter) Write Uses

func (w HipChatWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

type Integration Uses

type Integration interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

Integration is integration of vuls report

func GithubSecurityAlerts Uses

func GithubSecurityAlerts(githubConfs map[string]config.GitHubConf) Integration

GithubSecurityAlerts :

type LocalFileWriter Uses

type LocalFileWriter struct {
    CurrentDir string

LocalFileWriter writes results to a local file.

func (LocalFileWriter) Write Uses

func (w LocalFileWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

type ResultWriter Uses

type ResultWriter interface {
    Write(...models.ScanResult) error

ResultWriter Interface

type S3Writer Uses

type S3Writer struct{}

S3Writer writes results to S3

func (S3Writer) Write Uses

func (w S3Writer) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

Write results to S3

type SaasWriter Uses

type SaasWriter struct{}

SaasWriter writes results to SaaS

func (SaasWriter) Write Uses

func (w SaasWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

UploadSaas : UploadSaas

type SlackWriter Uses

type SlackWriter struct{}

SlackWriter send report to slack

func (SlackWriter) Write Uses

func (w SlackWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

type StdoutWriter Uses

type StdoutWriter struct{}

StdoutWriter write to stdout

func (StdoutWriter) Write Uses

func (w StdoutWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) error

func (StdoutWriter) WriteScanSummary Uses

func (w StdoutWriter) WriteScanSummary(rs ...models.ScanResult)

WriteScanSummary prints Scan summary at the end of scan

type StrideWriter Uses

type StrideWriter struct{}

StrideWriter send report to Stride

func (StrideWriter) Write Uses

func (w StrideWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

type SyslogWriter Uses

type SyslogWriter struct{}

SyslogWriter send report to syslog

func (SyslogWriter) Write Uses

func (w SyslogWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

type TelegramWriter Uses

type TelegramWriter struct{}

TelegramWriter sends report to Telegram

func (TelegramWriter) Write Uses

func (w TelegramWriter) Write(rs ...models.ScanResult) (err error)

type TempCredential Uses

type TempCredential struct {
    Credential   *sts.Credentials `json:"Credential"`
    S3Bucket     string           `json:"S3Bucket"`
    S3ResultsDir string           `json:"S3ResultsDir"`

TempCredential : TempCredential

type WordPressOption Uses

type WordPressOption struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

WordPressOption :

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