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package gls

import "github.com/g3n/engine/gls"

Package gls implements a loader of OpenGL functions for the platform and a Go binding for selected OpenGL functions. The binding maintains some cached state to minimize the number of C function calls. The OpenGL function loader is generated by the "glapi2go" tool by parsing the OpenGL "glcorearb.h" header file

This package also contains abstractions for some OpenGL object such as Program, Uniform, VBO and others.


Package Files

build.go consts.go doc.go gls.go logger.go program.go shaderdefines.go uniform.go vbo.go


const (
    VERSION_1_0                                   = 1
    DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT                              = 0x00000100
    STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT                            = 0x00000400
    COLOR_BUFFER_BIT                              = 0x00004000
    FALSE                                         = 0
    TRUE                                          = 1
    POINTS                                        = 0x0000
    LINES                                         = 0x0001
    LINE_LOOP                                     = 0x0002
    LINE_STRIP                                    = 0x0003
    TRIANGLES                                     = 0x0004
    TRIANGLE_STRIP                                = 0x0005
    TRIANGLE_FAN                                  = 0x0006
    QUADS                                         = 0x0007
    NEVER                                         = 0x0200
    LESS                                          = 0x0201
    EQUAL                                         = 0x0202
    LEQUAL                                        = 0x0203
    GREATER                                       = 0x0204
    NOTEQUAL                                      = 0x0205
    GEQUAL                                        = 0x0206
    ALWAYS                                        = 0x0207
    ZERO                                          = 0
    ONE                                           = 1
    SRC_COLOR                                     = 0x0300
    ONE_MINUS_SRC_COLOR                           = 0x0301
    SRC_ALPHA                                     = 0x0302
    ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA                           = 0x0303
    DST_ALPHA                                     = 0x0304
    ONE_MINUS_DST_ALPHA                           = 0x0305
    DST_COLOR                                     = 0x0306
    ONE_MINUS_DST_COLOR                           = 0x0307
    SRC_ALPHA_SATURATE                            = 0x0308
    NONE                                          = 0
    FRONT_LEFT                                    = 0x0400
    FRONT_RIGHT                                   = 0x0401
    BACK_LEFT                                     = 0x0402
    BACK_RIGHT                                    = 0x0403
    FRONT                                         = 0x0404
    BACK                                          = 0x0405
    LEFT                                          = 0x0406
    RIGHT                                         = 0x0407
    FRONT_AND_BACK                                = 0x0408
    NO_ERROR                                      = 0
    INVALID_ENUM                                  = 0x0500
    INVALID_VALUE                                 = 0x0501
    INVALID_OPERATION                             = 0x0502
    OUT_OF_MEMORY                                 = 0x0505
    CW                                            = 0x0900
    CCW                                           = 0x0901
    POINT_SIZE                                    = 0x0B11
    POINT_SIZE_RANGE                              = 0x0B12
    POINT_SIZE_GRANULARITY                        = 0x0B13
    LINE_SMOOTH                                   = 0x0B20
    LINE_WIDTH                                    = 0x0B21
    LINE_WIDTH_RANGE                              = 0x0B22
    LINE_WIDTH_GRANULARITY                        = 0x0B23
    POLYGON_MODE                                  = 0x0B40
    POLYGON_SMOOTH                                = 0x0B41
    CULL_FACE                                     = 0x0B44
    CULL_FACE_MODE                                = 0x0B45
    FRONT_FACE                                    = 0x0B46
    DEPTH_RANGE                                   = 0x0B70
    DEPTH_TEST                                    = 0x0B71
    DEPTH_WRITEMASK                               = 0x0B72
    DEPTH_CLEAR_VALUE                             = 0x0B73
    DEPTH_FUNC                                    = 0x0B74
    STENCIL_TEST                                  = 0x0B90
    STENCIL_CLEAR_VALUE                           = 0x0B91
    STENCIL_FUNC                                  = 0x0B92
    STENCIL_VALUE_MASK                            = 0x0B93
    STENCIL_FAIL                                  = 0x0B94
    STENCIL_PASS_DEPTH_FAIL                       = 0x0B95
    STENCIL_PASS_DEPTH_PASS                       = 0x0B96
    STENCIL_REF                                   = 0x0B97
    STENCIL_WRITEMASK                             = 0x0B98
    VIEWPORT                                      = 0x0BA2
    DITHER                                        = 0x0BD0
    BLEND_DST                                     = 0x0BE0
    BLEND_SRC                                     = 0x0BE1
    BLEND                                         = 0x0BE2
    LOGIC_OP_MODE                                 = 0x0BF0
    DRAW_BUFFER                                   = 0x0C01
    READ_BUFFER                                   = 0x0C02
    SCISSOR_BOX                                   = 0x0C10
    SCISSOR_TEST                                  = 0x0C11
    COLOR_CLEAR_VALUE                             = 0x0C22
    COLOR_WRITEMASK                               = 0x0C23
    DOUBLEBUFFER                                  = 0x0C32
    STEREO                                        = 0x0C33
    LINE_SMOOTH_HINT                              = 0x0C52
    POLYGON_SMOOTH_HINT                           = 0x0C53
    UNPACK_SWAP_BYTES                             = 0x0CF0
    UNPACK_LSB_FIRST                              = 0x0CF1
    UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH                             = 0x0CF2
    UNPACK_SKIP_ROWS                              = 0x0CF3
    UNPACK_SKIP_PIXELS                            = 0x0CF4
    UNPACK_ALIGNMENT                              = 0x0CF5
    PACK_SWAP_BYTES                               = 0x0D00
    PACK_LSB_FIRST                                = 0x0D01
    PACK_ROW_LENGTH                               = 0x0D02
    PACK_SKIP_ROWS                                = 0x0D03
    PACK_SKIP_PIXELS                              = 0x0D04
    PACK_ALIGNMENT                                = 0x0D05
    MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE                              = 0x0D33
    MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS                             = 0x0D3A
    SUBPIXEL_BITS                                 = 0x0D50
    TEXTURE_1D                                    = 0x0DE0
    TEXTURE_2D                                    = 0x0DE1
    TEXTURE_WIDTH                                 = 0x1000
    TEXTURE_HEIGHT                                = 0x1001
    TEXTURE_BORDER_COLOR                          = 0x1004
    DONT_CARE                                     = 0x1100
    FASTEST                                       = 0x1101
    NICEST                                        = 0x1102
    BYTE                                          = 0x1400
    UNSIGNED_BYTE                                 = 0x1401
    SHORT                                         = 0x1402
    UNSIGNED_SHORT                                = 0x1403
    INT                                           = 0x1404
    UNSIGNED_INT                                  = 0x1405
    FLOAT                                         = 0x1406
    STACK_OVERFLOW                                = 0x0503
    STACK_UNDERFLOW                               = 0x0504
    CLEAR                                         = 0x1500
    AND                                           = 0x1501
    AND_REVERSE                                   = 0x1502
    COPY                                          = 0x1503
    AND_INVERTED                                  = 0x1504
    NOOP                                          = 0x1505
    XOR                                           = 0x1506
    OR                                            = 0x1507
    NOR                                           = 0x1508
    EQUIV                                         = 0x1509
    INVERT                                        = 0x150A
    OR_REVERSE                                    = 0x150B
    COPY_INVERTED                                 = 0x150C
    OR_INVERTED                                   = 0x150D
    NAND                                          = 0x150E
    SET                                           = 0x150F
    TEXTURE                                       = 0x1702
    COLOR                                         = 0x1800
    DEPTH                                         = 0x1801
    STENCIL                                       = 0x1802
    STENCIL_INDEX                                 = 0x1901
    DEPTH_COMPONENT                               = 0x1902
    RED                                           = 0x1903
    GREEN                                         = 0x1904
    BLUE                                          = 0x1905
    ALPHA                                         = 0x1906
    RGB                                           = 0x1907
    RGBA                                          = 0x1908
    POINT                                         = 0x1B00
    LINE                                          = 0x1B01
    FILL                                          = 0x1B02
    KEEP                                          = 0x1E00
    REPLACE                                       = 0x1E01
    INCR                                          = 0x1E02
    DECR                                          = 0x1E03
    VENDOR                                        = 0x1F00
    RENDERER                                      = 0x1F01
    VERSION                                       = 0x1F02
    EXTENSIONS                                    = 0x1F03
    NEAREST                                       = 0x2600
    LINEAR                                        = 0x2601
    NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST                        = 0x2700
    LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST                         = 0x2701
    NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR                         = 0x2702
    LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR                          = 0x2703
    TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER                            = 0x2800
    TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER                            = 0x2801
    TEXTURE_WRAP_S                                = 0x2802
    TEXTURE_WRAP_T                                = 0x2803
    REPEAT                                        = 0x2901
    VERSION_1_1                                   = 1
    COLOR_LOGIC_OP                                = 0x0BF2
    POLYGON_OFFSET_UNITS                          = 0x2A00
    POLYGON_OFFSET_POINT                          = 0x2A01
    POLYGON_OFFSET_LINE                           = 0x2A02
    POLYGON_OFFSET_FILL                           = 0x8037
    POLYGON_OFFSET_FACTOR                         = 0x8038
    TEXTURE_BINDING_1D                            = 0x8068
    TEXTURE_BINDING_2D                            = 0x8069
    TEXTURE_INTERNAL_FORMAT                       = 0x1003
    TEXTURE_RED_SIZE                              = 0x805C
    TEXTURE_GREEN_SIZE                            = 0x805D
    TEXTURE_BLUE_SIZE                             = 0x805E
    TEXTURE_ALPHA_SIZE                            = 0x805F
    DOUBLE                                        = 0x140A
    PROXY_TEXTURE_1D                              = 0x8063
    PROXY_TEXTURE_2D                              = 0x8064
    R3_G3_B2                                      = 0x2A10
    RGB4                                          = 0x804F
    RGB5                                          = 0x8050
    RGB8                                          = 0x8051
    RGB10                                         = 0x8052
    RGB12                                         = 0x8053
    RGB16                                         = 0x8054
    RGBA2                                         = 0x8055
    RGBA4                                         = 0x8056
    RGB5_A1                                       = 0x8057
    RGBA8                                         = 0x8058
    RGB10_A2                                      = 0x8059
    RGBA12                                        = 0x805A
    RGBA16                                        = 0x805B
    VERTEX_ARRAY                                  = 0x8074
    VERSION_1_2                                   = 1
    UNSIGNED_BYTE_3_3_2                           = 0x8032
    UNSIGNED_SHORT_4_4_4_4                        = 0x8033
    UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_5_5_1                        = 0x8034
    UNSIGNED_INT_8_8_8_8                          = 0x8035
    UNSIGNED_INT_10_10_10_2                       = 0x8036
    TEXTURE_BINDING_3D                            = 0x806A
    PACK_SKIP_IMAGES                              = 0x806B
    PACK_IMAGE_HEIGHT                             = 0x806C
    UNPACK_SKIP_IMAGES                            = 0x806D
    UNPACK_IMAGE_HEIGHT                           = 0x806E
    TEXTURE_3D                                    = 0x806F
    PROXY_TEXTURE_3D                              = 0x8070
    TEXTURE_DEPTH                                 = 0x8071
    TEXTURE_WRAP_R                                = 0x8072
    MAX_3D_TEXTURE_SIZE                           = 0x8073
    UNSIGNED_BYTE_2_3_3_REV                       = 0x8362
    UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5                          = 0x8363
    UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5_REV                      = 0x8364
    UNSIGNED_SHORT_4_4_4_4_REV                    = 0x8365
    UNSIGNED_SHORT_1_5_5_5_REV                    = 0x8366
    UNSIGNED_INT_8_8_8_8_REV                      = 0x8367
    UNSIGNED_INT_2_10_10_10_REV                   = 0x8368
    BGR                                           = 0x80E0
    BGRA                                          = 0x80E1
    MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES                         = 0x80E8
    MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES                          = 0x80E9
    CLAMP_TO_EDGE                                 = 0x812F
    TEXTURE_MIN_LOD                               = 0x813A
    TEXTURE_MAX_LOD                               = 0x813B
    TEXTURE_BASE_LEVEL                            = 0x813C
    TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL                             = 0x813D
    SMOOTH_POINT_SIZE_RANGE                       = 0x0B12
    SMOOTH_POINT_SIZE_GRANULARITY                 = 0x0B13
    SMOOTH_LINE_WIDTH_RANGE                       = 0x0B22
    SMOOTH_LINE_WIDTH_GRANULARITY                 = 0x0B23
    ALIASED_LINE_WIDTH_RANGE                      = 0x846E
    VERSION_1_3                                   = 1
    TEXTURE0                                      = 0x84C0
    TEXTURE1                                      = 0x84C1
    TEXTURE2                                      = 0x84C2
    TEXTURE3                                      = 0x84C3
    TEXTURE4                                      = 0x84C4
    TEXTURE5                                      = 0x84C5
    TEXTURE6                                      = 0x84C6
    TEXTURE7                                      = 0x84C7
    TEXTURE8                                      = 0x84C8
    TEXTURE9                                      = 0x84C9
    TEXTURE10                                     = 0x84CA
    TEXTURE11                                     = 0x84CB
    TEXTURE12                                     = 0x84CC
    TEXTURE13                                     = 0x84CD
    TEXTURE14                                     = 0x84CE
    TEXTURE15                                     = 0x84CF
    TEXTURE16                                     = 0x84D0
    TEXTURE17                                     = 0x84D1
    TEXTURE18                                     = 0x84D2
    TEXTURE19                                     = 0x84D3
    TEXTURE20                                     = 0x84D4
    TEXTURE21                                     = 0x84D5
    TEXTURE22                                     = 0x84D6
    TEXTURE23                                     = 0x84D7
    TEXTURE24                                     = 0x84D8
    TEXTURE25                                     = 0x84D9
    TEXTURE26                                     = 0x84DA
    TEXTURE27                                     = 0x84DB
    TEXTURE28                                     = 0x84DC
    TEXTURE29                                     = 0x84DD
    TEXTURE30                                     = 0x84DE
    TEXTURE31                                     = 0x84DF
    ACTIVE_TEXTURE                                = 0x84E0
    MULTISAMPLE                                   = 0x809D
    SAMPLE_ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE                      = 0x809E
    SAMPLE_ALPHA_TO_ONE                           = 0x809F
    SAMPLE_COVERAGE                               = 0x80A0
    SAMPLE_BUFFERS                                = 0x80A8
    SAMPLES                                       = 0x80A9
    SAMPLE_COVERAGE_VALUE                         = 0x80AA
    SAMPLE_COVERAGE_INVERT                        = 0x80AB
    TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP                              = 0x8513
    TEXTURE_BINDING_CUBE_MAP                      = 0x8514
    TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_X                   = 0x8515
    TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_X                   = 0x8516
    TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_Y                   = 0x8517
    TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_Y                   = 0x8518
    TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_POSITIVE_Z                   = 0x8519
    TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_NEGATIVE_Z                   = 0x851A
    PROXY_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP                        = 0x851B
    MAX_CUBE_MAP_TEXTURE_SIZE                     = 0x851C
    COMPRESSED_RGB                                = 0x84ED
    COMPRESSED_RGBA                               = 0x84EE
    TEXTURE_COMPRESSION_HINT                      = 0x84EF
    TEXTURE_COMPRESSED_IMAGE_SIZE                 = 0x86A0
    TEXTURE_COMPRESSED                            = 0x86A1
    NUM_COMPRESSED_TEXTURE_FORMATS                = 0x86A2
    COMPRESSED_TEXTURE_FORMATS                    = 0x86A3
    CLAMP_TO_BORDER                               = 0x812D
    VERSION_1_4                                   = 1
    BLEND_DST_RGB                                 = 0x80C8
    BLEND_SRC_RGB                                 = 0x80C9
    BLEND_DST_ALPHA                               = 0x80CA
    BLEND_SRC_ALPHA                               = 0x80CB
    POINT_FADE_THRESHOLD_SIZE                     = 0x8128
    DEPTH_COMPONENT16                             = 0x81A5
    DEPTH_COMPONENT24                             = 0x81A6
    DEPTH_COMPONENT32                             = 0x81A7
    MIRRORED_REPEAT                               = 0x8370
    MAX_TEXTURE_LOD_BIAS                          = 0x84FD
    TEXTURE_LOD_BIAS                              = 0x8501
    INCR_WRAP                                     = 0x8507
    DECR_WRAP                                     = 0x8508
    TEXTURE_DEPTH_SIZE                            = 0x884A
    TEXTURE_COMPARE_MODE                          = 0x884C
    TEXTURE_COMPARE_FUNC                          = 0x884D
    FUNC_ADD                                      = 0x8006
    FUNC_SUBTRACT                                 = 0x800A
    FUNC_REVERSE_SUBTRACT                         = 0x800B
    MIN                                           = 0x8007
    MAX                                           = 0x8008
    CONSTANT_COLOR                                = 0x8001
    ONE_MINUS_CONSTANT_COLOR                      = 0x8002
    CONSTANT_ALPHA                                = 0x8003
    ONE_MINUS_CONSTANT_ALPHA                      = 0x8004
    VERSION_1_5                                   = 1
    BUFFER_SIZE                                   = 0x8764
    BUFFER_USAGE                                  = 0x8765
    QUERY_COUNTER_BITS                            = 0x8864
    CURRENT_QUERY                                 = 0x8865
    QUERY_RESULT                                  = 0x8866
    QUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE                        = 0x8867
    ARRAY_BUFFER                                  = 0x8892
    ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER                          = 0x8893
    ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING                          = 0x8894
    ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING                  = 0x8895
    READ_ONLY                                     = 0x88B8
    WRITE_ONLY                                    = 0x88B9
    READ_WRITE                                    = 0x88BA
    BUFFER_ACCESS                                 = 0x88BB
    BUFFER_MAPPED                                 = 0x88BC
    BUFFER_MAP_POINTER                            = 0x88BD
    STREAM_DRAW                                   = 0x88E0
    STREAM_READ                                   = 0x88E1
    STREAM_COPY                                   = 0x88E2
    STATIC_DRAW                                   = 0x88E4
    STATIC_READ                                   = 0x88E5
    STATIC_COPY                                   = 0x88E6
    DYNAMIC_DRAW                                  = 0x88E8
    DYNAMIC_READ                                  = 0x88E9
    DYNAMIC_COPY                                  = 0x88EA
    SAMPLES_PASSED                                = 0x8914
    SRC1_ALPHA                                    = 0x8589
    VERSION_2_0                                   = 1
    BLEND_EQUATION_RGB                            = 0x8009
    VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_ENABLED                   = 0x8622
    VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_SIZE                      = 0x8623
    VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_STRIDE                    = 0x8624
    VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_TYPE                      = 0x8625
    CURRENT_VERTEX_ATTRIB                         = 0x8626
    VERTEX_PROGRAM_POINT_SIZE                     = 0x8642
    VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_POINTER                   = 0x8645
    STENCIL_BACK_FUNC                             = 0x8800
    STENCIL_BACK_FAIL                             = 0x8801
    STENCIL_BACK_PASS_DEPTH_FAIL                  = 0x8802
    STENCIL_BACK_PASS_DEPTH_PASS                  = 0x8803
    MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS                              = 0x8824
    DRAW_BUFFER0                                  = 0x8825
    DRAW_BUFFER1                                  = 0x8826
    DRAW_BUFFER2                                  = 0x8827
    DRAW_BUFFER3                                  = 0x8828
    DRAW_BUFFER4                                  = 0x8829
    DRAW_BUFFER5                                  = 0x882A
    DRAW_BUFFER6                                  = 0x882B
    DRAW_BUFFER7                                  = 0x882C
    DRAW_BUFFER8                                  = 0x882D
    DRAW_BUFFER9                                  = 0x882E
    DRAW_BUFFER10                                 = 0x882F
    DRAW_BUFFER11                                 = 0x8830
    DRAW_BUFFER12                                 = 0x8831
    DRAW_BUFFER13                                 = 0x8832
    DRAW_BUFFER14                                 = 0x8833
    DRAW_BUFFER15                                 = 0x8834
    BLEND_EQUATION_ALPHA                          = 0x883D
    MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS                            = 0x8869
    VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_NORMALIZED                = 0x886A
    MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS                       = 0x8872
    FRAGMENT_SHADER                               = 0x8B30
    VERTEX_SHADER                                 = 0x8B31
    MAX_FRAGMENT_UNIFORM_COMPONENTS               = 0x8B49
    MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_COMPONENTS                 = 0x8B4A
    MAX_VARYING_FLOATS                            = 0x8B4B
    MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS                = 0x8B4C
    SHADER_TYPE                                   = 0x8B4F
    FLOAT_VEC2                                    = 0x8B50
    FLOAT_VEC3                                    = 0x8B51
    FLOAT_VEC4                                    = 0x8B52
    INT_VEC2                                      = 0x8B53
    INT_VEC3                                      = 0x8B54
    INT_VEC4                                      = 0x8B55
    BOOL                                          = 0x8B56
    BOOL_VEC2                                     = 0x8B57
    BOOL_VEC3                                     = 0x8B58
    BOOL_VEC4                                     = 0x8B59
    FLOAT_MAT2                                    = 0x8B5A
    FLOAT_MAT3                                    = 0x8B5B
    FLOAT_MAT4                                    = 0x8B5C
    SAMPLER_1D                                    = 0x8B5D
    SAMPLER_2D                                    = 0x8B5E
    SAMPLER_3D                                    = 0x8B5F
    SAMPLER_CUBE                                  = 0x8B60
    SAMPLER_1D_SHADOW                             = 0x8B61
    SAMPLER_2D_SHADOW                             = 0x8B62
    DELETE_STATUS                                 = 0x8B80
    COMPILE_STATUS                                = 0x8B81
    LINK_STATUS                                   = 0x8B82
    VALIDATE_STATUS                               = 0x8B83
    INFO_LOG_LENGTH                               = 0x8B84
    ATTACHED_SHADERS                              = 0x8B85
    ACTIVE_UNIFORMS                               = 0x8B86
    ACTIVE_UNIFORM_MAX_LENGTH                     = 0x8B87
    SHADER_SOURCE_LENGTH                          = 0x8B88
    ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTES                             = 0x8B89
    ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_LENGTH                   = 0x8B8A
    SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION                      = 0x8B8C
    CURRENT_PROGRAM                               = 0x8B8D
    POINT_SPRITE_COORD_ORIGIN                     = 0x8CA0
    LOWER_LEFT                                    = 0x8CA1
    UPPER_LEFT                                    = 0x8CA2
    STENCIL_BACK_REF                              = 0x8CA3
    STENCIL_BACK_VALUE_MASK                       = 0x8CA4
    STENCIL_BACK_WRITEMASK                        = 0x8CA5
    VERSION_2_1                                   = 1
    PIXEL_PACK_BUFFER                             = 0x88EB
    PIXEL_UNPACK_BUFFER                           = 0x88EC
    PIXEL_PACK_BUFFER_BINDING                     = 0x88ED
    PIXEL_UNPACK_BUFFER_BINDING                   = 0x88EF
    FLOAT_MAT2x3                                  = 0x8B65
    FLOAT_MAT2x4                                  = 0x8B66
    FLOAT_MAT3x2                                  = 0x8B67
    FLOAT_MAT3x4                                  = 0x8B68
    FLOAT_MAT4x2                                  = 0x8B69
    FLOAT_MAT4x3                                  = 0x8B6A
    SRGB                                          = 0x8C40
    SRGB8                                         = 0x8C41
    SRGB_ALPHA                                    = 0x8C42
    SRGB8_ALPHA8                                  = 0x8C43
    COMPRESSED_SRGB                               = 0x8C48
    COMPRESSED_SRGB_ALPHA                         = 0x8C49
    VERSION_3_0                                   = 1
    COMPARE_REF_TO_TEXTURE                        = 0x884E
    CLIP_DISTANCE0                                = 0x3000
    CLIP_DISTANCE1                                = 0x3001
    CLIP_DISTANCE2                                = 0x3002
    CLIP_DISTANCE3                                = 0x3003
    CLIP_DISTANCE4                                = 0x3004
    CLIP_DISTANCE5                                = 0x3005
    CLIP_DISTANCE6                                = 0x3006
    CLIP_DISTANCE7                                = 0x3007
    MAX_CLIP_DISTANCES                            = 0x0D32
    MAJOR_VERSION                                 = 0x821B
    MINOR_VERSION                                 = 0x821C
    NUM_EXTENSIONS                                = 0x821D
    CONTEXT_FLAGS                                 = 0x821E
    COMPRESSED_RED                                = 0x8225
    COMPRESSED_RG                                 = 0x8226
    CONTEXT_FLAG_FORWARD_COMPATIBLE_BIT           = 0x00000001
    RGBA32F                                       = 0x8814
    RGB32F                                        = 0x8815
    RGBA16F                                       = 0x881A
    RGB16F                                        = 0x881B
    VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_INTEGER                   = 0x88FD
    MAX_ARRAY_TEXTURE_LAYERS                      = 0x88FF
    MIN_PROGRAM_TEXEL_OFFSET                      = 0x8904
    MAX_PROGRAM_TEXEL_OFFSET                      = 0x8905
    CLAMP_READ_COLOR                              = 0x891C
    FIXED_ONLY                                    = 0x891D
    MAX_VARYING_COMPONENTS                        = 0x8B4B
    TEXTURE_1D_ARRAY                              = 0x8C18
    PROXY_TEXTURE_1D_ARRAY                        = 0x8C19
    TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY                              = 0x8C1A
    PROXY_TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY                        = 0x8C1B
    TEXTURE_BINDING_1D_ARRAY                      = 0x8C1C
    TEXTURE_BINDING_2D_ARRAY                      = 0x8C1D
    R11F_G11F_B10F                                = 0x8C3A
    UNSIGNED_INT_10F_11F_11F_REV                  = 0x8C3B
    RGB9_E5                                       = 0x8C3D
    UNSIGNED_INT_5_9_9_9_REV                      = 0x8C3E
    TEXTURE_SHARED_SIZE                           = 0x8C3F
    TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_MODE                = 0x8C7F
    TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_VARYINGS                   = 0x8C83
    TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_START               = 0x8C84
    TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_BUFFER_SIZE                = 0x8C85
    PRIMITIVES_GENERATED                          = 0x8C87
    RASTERIZER_DISCARD                            = 0x8C89
    INTERLEAVED_ATTRIBS                           = 0x8C8C
    SEPARATE_ATTRIBS                              = 0x8C8D
    TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_BUFFER                     = 0x8C8E
    RGBA32UI                                      = 0x8D70
    RGB32UI                                       = 0x8D71
    RGBA16UI                                      = 0x8D76
    RGB16UI                                       = 0x8D77
    RGBA8UI                                       = 0x8D7C
    RGB8UI                                        = 0x8D7D
    RGBA32I                                       = 0x8D82
    RGB32I                                        = 0x8D83
    RGBA16I                                       = 0x8D88
    RGB16I                                        = 0x8D89
    RGBA8I                                        = 0x8D8E
    RGB8I                                         = 0x8D8F
    RED_INTEGER                                   = 0x8D94
    GREEN_INTEGER                                 = 0x8D95
    BLUE_INTEGER                                  = 0x8D96
    RGB_INTEGER                                   = 0x8D98
    RGBA_INTEGER                                  = 0x8D99
    BGR_INTEGER                                   = 0x8D9A
    BGRA_INTEGER                                  = 0x8D9B
    SAMPLER_1D_ARRAY                              = 0x8DC0
    SAMPLER_2D_ARRAY                              = 0x8DC1
    SAMPLER_1D_ARRAY_SHADOW                       = 0x8DC3
    SAMPLER_2D_ARRAY_SHADOW                       = 0x8DC4
    SAMPLER_CUBE_SHADOW                           = 0x8DC5
    UNSIGNED_INT_VEC2                             = 0x8DC6
    UNSIGNED_INT_VEC3                             = 0x8DC7
    UNSIGNED_INT_VEC4                             = 0x8DC8
    INT_SAMPLER_1D                                = 0x8DC9
    INT_SAMPLER_2D                                = 0x8DCA
    INT_SAMPLER_3D                                = 0x8DCB
    INT_SAMPLER_CUBE                              = 0x8DCC
    INT_SAMPLER_1D_ARRAY                          = 0x8DCE
    INT_SAMPLER_2D_ARRAY                          = 0x8DCF
    UNSIGNED_INT_SAMPLER_1D                       = 0x8DD1
    UNSIGNED_INT_SAMPLER_2D                       = 0x8DD2
    UNSIGNED_INT_SAMPLER_3D                       = 0x8DD3
    UNSIGNED_INT_SAMPLER_CUBE                     = 0x8DD4
    UNSIGNED_INT_SAMPLER_1D_ARRAY                 = 0x8DD6
    UNSIGNED_INT_SAMPLER_2D_ARRAY                 = 0x8DD7
    QUERY_WAIT                                    = 0x8E13
    QUERY_NO_WAIT                                 = 0x8E14
    QUERY_BY_REGION_WAIT                          = 0x8E15
    QUERY_BY_REGION_NO_WAIT                       = 0x8E16
    BUFFER_ACCESS_FLAGS                           = 0x911F
    BUFFER_MAP_LENGTH                             = 0x9120
    BUFFER_MAP_OFFSET                             = 0x9121
    DEPTH_COMPONENT32F                            = 0x8CAC
    DEPTH32F_STENCIL8                             = 0x8CAD
    FLOAT_32_UNSIGNED_INT_24_8_REV                = 0x8DAD
    INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION                 = 0x0506
    FRAMEBUFFER_ATTACHMENT_RED_SIZE               = 0x8212
    FRAMEBUFFER_ATTACHMENT_BLUE_SIZE              = 0x8214
    FRAMEBUFFER_DEFAULT                           = 0x8218
    FRAMEBUFFER_UNDEFINED                         = 0x8219
    DEPTH_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT                      = 0x821A
    MAX_RENDERBUFFER_SIZE                         = 0x84E8
    DEPTH_STENCIL                                 = 0x84F9
    UNSIGNED_INT_24_8                             = 0x84FA
    DEPTH24_STENCIL8                              = 0x88F0
    TEXTURE_STENCIL_SIZE                          = 0x88F1
    TEXTURE_RED_TYPE                              = 0x8C10
    TEXTURE_GREEN_TYPE                            = 0x8C11
    TEXTURE_BLUE_TYPE                             = 0x8C12
    TEXTURE_ALPHA_TYPE                            = 0x8C13
    TEXTURE_DEPTH_TYPE                            = 0x8C16
    UNSIGNED_NORMALIZED                           = 0x8C17
    FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING                           = 0x8CA6
    DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING                      = 0x8CA6
    RENDERBUFFER_BINDING                          = 0x8CA7
    READ_FRAMEBUFFER                              = 0x8CA8
    DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER                              = 0x8CA9
    READ_FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING                      = 0x8CAA
    RENDERBUFFER_SAMPLES                          = 0x8CAB
    FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE                          = 0x8CD5
    FRAMEBUFFER_UNSUPPORTED                       = 0x8CDD
    MAX_COLOR_ATTACHMENTS                         = 0x8CDF
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT0                             = 0x8CE0
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT1                             = 0x8CE1
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT2                             = 0x8CE2
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT3                             = 0x8CE3
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT4                             = 0x8CE4
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT5                             = 0x8CE5
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT6                             = 0x8CE6
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT7                             = 0x8CE7
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT8                             = 0x8CE8
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT9                             = 0x8CE9
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT10                            = 0x8CEA
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT11                            = 0x8CEB
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT12                            = 0x8CEC
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT13                            = 0x8CED
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT14                            = 0x8CEE
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT15                            = 0x8CEF
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT16                            = 0x8CF0
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT17                            = 0x8CF1
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT18                            = 0x8CF2
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT19                            = 0x8CF3
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT20                            = 0x8CF4
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT21                            = 0x8CF5
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT22                            = 0x8CF6
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT23                            = 0x8CF7
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT24                            = 0x8CF8
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT25                            = 0x8CF9
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT26                            = 0x8CFA
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT27                            = 0x8CFB
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT28                            = 0x8CFC
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT29                            = 0x8CFD
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT30                            = 0x8CFE
    COLOR_ATTACHMENT31                            = 0x8CFF
    DEPTH_ATTACHMENT                              = 0x8D00
    STENCIL_ATTACHMENT                            = 0x8D20
    FRAMEBUFFER                                   = 0x8D40
    RENDERBUFFER                                  = 0x8D41
    RENDERBUFFER_WIDTH                            = 0x8D42
    RENDERBUFFER_HEIGHT                           = 0x8D43
    RENDERBUFFER_INTERNAL_FORMAT                  = 0x8D44
    STENCIL_INDEX1                                = 0x8D46
    STENCIL_INDEX4                                = 0x8D47
    STENCIL_INDEX8                                = 0x8D48
    STENCIL_INDEX16                               = 0x8D49
    RENDERBUFFER_RED_SIZE                         = 0x8D50
    RENDERBUFFER_GREEN_SIZE                       = 0x8D51
    RENDERBUFFER_BLUE_SIZE                        = 0x8D52
    RENDERBUFFER_ALPHA_SIZE                       = 0x8D53
    RENDERBUFFER_DEPTH_SIZE                       = 0x8D54
    RENDERBUFFER_STENCIL_SIZE                     = 0x8D55
    MAX_SAMPLES                                   = 0x8D57
    FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB                              = 0x8DB9
    HALF_FLOAT                                    = 0x140B
    MAP_READ_BIT                                  = 0x0001
    MAP_WRITE_BIT                                 = 0x0002
    MAP_INVALIDATE_RANGE_BIT                      = 0x0004
    MAP_INVALIDATE_BUFFER_BIT                     = 0x0008
    MAP_FLUSH_EXPLICIT_BIT                        = 0x0010
    MAP_UNSYNCHRONIZED_BIT                        = 0x0020
    COMPRESSED_RED_RGTC1                          = 0x8DBB
    COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RED_RGTC1                   = 0x8DBC
    COMPRESSED_RG_RGTC2                           = 0x8DBD
    COMPRESSED_SIGNED_RG_RGTC2                    = 0x8DBE
    RG                                            = 0x8227
    RG_INTEGER                                    = 0x8228
    R8                                            = 0x8229
    R16                                           = 0x822A
    RG8                                           = 0x822B
    RG16                                          = 0x822C
    R16F                                          = 0x822D
    R32F                                          = 0x822E
    RG16F                                         = 0x822F
    RG32F                                         = 0x8230
    R8I                                           = 0x8231
    R8UI                                          = 0x8232
    R16I                                          = 0x8233
    R16UI                                         = 0x8234
    R32I                                          = 0x8235
    R32UI                                         = 0x8236
    RG8I                                          = 0x8237
    RG8UI                                         = 0x8238
    RG16I                                         = 0x8239
    RG16UI                                        = 0x823A
    RG32I                                         = 0x823B
    RG32UI                                        = 0x823C
    VERTEX_ARRAY_BINDING                          = 0x85B5
    VERSION_3_1                                   = 1
    SAMPLER_2D_RECT                               = 0x8B63
    SAMPLER_2D_RECT_SHADOW                        = 0x8B64
    SAMPLER_BUFFER                                = 0x8DC2
    INT_SAMPLER_2D_RECT                           = 0x8DCD
    INT_SAMPLER_BUFFER                            = 0x8DD0
    UNSIGNED_INT_SAMPLER_2D_RECT                  = 0x8DD5
    UNSIGNED_INT_SAMPLER_BUFFER                   = 0x8DD8
    TEXTURE_BUFFER                                = 0x8C2A
    MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE                       = 0x8C2B
    TEXTURE_BINDING_BUFFER                        = 0x8C2C
    TEXTURE_RECTANGLE                             = 0x84F5
    TEXTURE_BINDING_RECTANGLE                     = 0x84F6
    PROXY_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE                       = 0x84F7
    MAX_RECTANGLE_TEXTURE_SIZE                    = 0x84F8
    R8_SNORM                                      = 0x8F94
    RG8_SNORM                                     = 0x8F95
    RGB8_SNORM                                    = 0x8F96
    RGBA8_SNORM                                   = 0x8F97
    R16_SNORM                                     = 0x8F98
    RG16_SNORM                                    = 0x8F99
    RGB16_SNORM                                   = 0x8F9A
    RGBA16_SNORM                                  = 0x8F9B
    SIGNED_NORMALIZED                             = 0x8F9C
    PRIMITIVE_RESTART                             = 0x8F9D
    PRIMITIVE_RESTART_INDEX                       = 0x8F9E
    COPY_READ_BUFFER                              = 0x8F36
    COPY_WRITE_BUFFER                             = 0x8F37
    UNIFORM_BUFFER                                = 0x8A11
    UNIFORM_BUFFER_BINDING                        = 0x8A28
    UNIFORM_BUFFER_START                          = 0x8A29
    UNIFORM_BUFFER_SIZE                           = 0x8A2A
    MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_BLOCKS                     = 0x8A2B
    MAX_GEOMETRY_UNIFORM_BLOCKS                   = 0x8A2C
    MAX_FRAGMENT_UNIFORM_BLOCKS                   = 0x8A2D
    MAX_COMBINED_UNIFORM_BLOCKS                   = 0x8A2E
    MAX_UNIFORM_BUFFER_BINDINGS                   = 0x8A2F
    MAX_UNIFORM_BLOCK_SIZE                        = 0x8A30
    UNIFORM_BUFFER_OFFSET_ALIGNMENT               = 0x8A34
    ACTIVE_UNIFORM_BLOCKS                         = 0x8A36
    UNIFORM_TYPE                                  = 0x8A37
    UNIFORM_SIZE                                  = 0x8A38
    UNIFORM_NAME_LENGTH                           = 0x8A39
    UNIFORM_BLOCK_INDEX                           = 0x8A3A
    UNIFORM_OFFSET                                = 0x8A3B
    UNIFORM_ARRAY_STRIDE                          = 0x8A3C
    UNIFORM_MATRIX_STRIDE                         = 0x8A3D
    UNIFORM_IS_ROW_MAJOR                          = 0x8A3E
    UNIFORM_BLOCK_BINDING                         = 0x8A3F
    UNIFORM_BLOCK_DATA_SIZE                       = 0x8A40
    UNIFORM_BLOCK_NAME_LENGTH                     = 0x8A41
    UNIFORM_BLOCK_ACTIVE_UNIFORMS                 = 0x8A42
    INVALID_INDEX                                 = 0xFFFFFFFF
    VERSION_3_2                                   = 1
    CONTEXT_CORE_PROFILE_BIT                      = 0x00000001
    CONTEXT_COMPATIBILITY_PROFILE_BIT             = 0x00000002
    LINES_ADJACENCY                               = 0x000A
    LINE_STRIP_ADJACENCY                          = 0x000B
    TRIANGLES_ADJACENCY                           = 0x000C
    TRIANGLE_STRIP_ADJACENCY                      = 0x000D
    PROGRAM_POINT_SIZE                            = 0x8642
    MAX_GEOMETRY_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS              = 0x8C29
    GEOMETRY_SHADER                               = 0x8DD9
    GEOMETRY_VERTICES_OUT                         = 0x8916
    GEOMETRY_INPUT_TYPE                           = 0x8917
    GEOMETRY_OUTPUT_TYPE                          = 0x8918
    MAX_GEOMETRY_OUTPUT_VERTICES                  = 0x8DE0
    MAX_VERTEX_OUTPUT_COMPONENTS                  = 0x9122
    MAX_GEOMETRY_INPUT_COMPONENTS                 = 0x9123
    MAX_GEOMETRY_OUTPUT_COMPONENTS                = 0x9124
    MAX_FRAGMENT_INPUT_COMPONENTS                 = 0x9125
    CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK                          = 0x9126
    DEPTH_CLAMP                                   = 0x864F
    FIRST_VERTEX_CONVENTION                       = 0x8E4D
    LAST_VERTEX_CONVENTION                        = 0x8E4E
    PROVOKING_VERTEX                              = 0x8E4F
    TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP_SEAMLESS                     = 0x884F
    MAX_SERVER_WAIT_TIMEOUT                       = 0x9111
    OBJECT_TYPE                                   = 0x9112
    SYNC_CONDITION                                = 0x9113
    SYNC_STATUS                                   = 0x9114
    SYNC_FLAGS                                    = 0x9115
    SYNC_FENCE                                    = 0x9116
    SYNC_GPU_COMMANDS_COMPLETE                    = 0x9117
    UNSIGNALED                                    = 0x9118
    SIGNALED                                      = 0x9119
    ALREADY_SIGNALED                              = 0x911A
    TIMEOUT_EXPIRED                               = 0x911B
    CONDITION_SATISFIED                           = 0x911C
    WAIT_FAILED                                   = 0x911D
    TIMEOUT_IGNORED                               = 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    SYNC_FLUSH_COMMANDS_BIT                       = 0x00000001
    SAMPLE_POSITION                               = 0x8E50
    SAMPLE_MASK                                   = 0x8E51
    SAMPLE_MASK_VALUE                             = 0x8E52
    MAX_SAMPLE_MASK_WORDS                         = 0x8E59
    TEXTURE_2D_MULTISAMPLE                        = 0x9100
    PROXY_TEXTURE_2D_MULTISAMPLE                  = 0x9101
    TEXTURE_2D_MULTISAMPLE_ARRAY                  = 0x9102
    PROXY_TEXTURE_2D_MULTISAMPLE_ARRAY            = 0x9103
    TEXTURE_BINDING_2D_MULTISAMPLE                = 0x9104
    TEXTURE_SAMPLES                               = 0x9106
    TEXTURE_FIXED_SAMPLE_LOCATIONS                = 0x9107
    SAMPLER_2D_MULTISAMPLE                        = 0x9108
    INT_SAMPLER_2D_MULTISAMPLE                    = 0x9109
    SAMPLER_2D_MULTISAMPLE_ARRAY                  = 0x910B
    INT_SAMPLER_2D_MULTISAMPLE_ARRAY              = 0x910C
    MAX_COLOR_TEXTURE_SAMPLES                     = 0x910E
    MAX_DEPTH_TEXTURE_SAMPLES                     = 0x910F
    MAX_INTEGER_SAMPLES                           = 0x9110
    VERSION_3_3                                   = 1
    VERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_DIVISOR                   = 0x88FE
    SRC1_COLOR                                    = 0x88F9
    ONE_MINUS_SRC1_COLOR                          = 0x88FA
    ONE_MINUS_SRC1_ALPHA                          = 0x88FB
    MAX_DUAL_SOURCE_DRAW_BUFFERS                  = 0x88FC
    ANY_SAMPLES_PASSED                            = 0x8C2F
    SAMPLER_BINDING                               = 0x8919
    RGB10_A2UI                                    = 0x906F
    TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_R                             = 0x8E42
    TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_G                             = 0x8E43
    TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_B                             = 0x8E44
    TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_A                             = 0x8E45
    TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_RGBA                          = 0x8E46
    TIME_ELAPSED                                  = 0x88BF
    TIMESTAMP                                     = 0x8E28
    INT_2_10_10_10_REV                            = 0x8D9F
const (
    FrontSide = iota + 1

Polygon side view.

const (
    Undefined = AttribType(iota)
const (
    FloatSize = int32(unsafe.Sizeof(float32(0)))

func FormatSource Uses

func FormatSource(source string) string

FormatSource returns the supplied program source code with line numbers prepended.

type AttribType Uses

type AttribType int

AttribType is the functional type of a vbo attribute.

type GLS Uses

type GLS struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GLS encapsulates the state of an OpenGL context and contains methods to call OpenGL functions.

func New Uses

func New() (*GLS, error)

New creates and returns a new instance of a GLS object, which encapsulates the state of an OpenGL context. This should be called only after an active OpenGL context is established, such as by creating a new window.

func (*GLS) ActiveTexture Uses

func (gs *GLS) ActiveTexture(texture uint32)

ActiveTexture selects which texture unit subsequent texture state calls will affect. The number of texture units an implementation supports is implementation dependent, but must be at least 48 in GL 3.3.

func (*GLS) AttachShader Uses

func (gs *GLS) AttachShader(program, shader uint32)

AttachShader attaches the specified shader object to the specified program object.

func (*GLS) BindBuffer Uses

func (gs *GLS) BindBuffer(target int, vbo uint32)

BindBuffer binds a buffer object to the specified buffer binding point.

func (*GLS) BindTexture Uses

func (gs *GLS) BindTexture(target int, tex uint32)

BindTexture lets you create or use a named texture.

func (*GLS) BindVertexArray Uses

func (gs *GLS) BindVertexArray(vao uint32)

BindVertexArray binds the vertex array object.

func (*GLS) BlendEquation Uses

func (gs *GLS) BlendEquation(mode uint32)

BlendEquation sets the blend equations for all draw buffers.

func (*GLS) BlendEquationSeparate Uses

func (gs *GLS) BlendEquationSeparate(modeRGB uint32, modeAlpha uint32)

BlendEquationSeparate sets the blend equations for all draw buffers allowing different equations for the RGB and alpha components.

func (*GLS) BlendFunc Uses

func (gs *GLS) BlendFunc(sfactor, dfactor uint32)

BlendFunc defines the operation of blending for all draw buffers when blending is enabled.

func (*GLS) BlendFuncSeparate Uses

func (gs *GLS) BlendFuncSeparate(srcRGB uint32, dstRGB uint32, srcAlpha uint32, dstAlpha uint32)

BlendFuncSeparate defines the operation of blending for all draw buffers when blending is enabled, allowing different operations for the RGB and alpha components.

func (*GLS) BufferData Uses

func (gs *GLS) BufferData(target uint32, size int, data interface{}, usage uint32)

BufferData creates a new data store for the buffer object currently bound to target, deleting any pre-existing data store.

func (*GLS) CheckErrors Uses

func (gs *GLS) CheckErrors() bool

CheckErrors returns if error checking is enabled or not.

func (*GLS) Clear Uses

func (gs *GLS) Clear(mask uint)

Clear sets the bitplane area of the window to values previously selected by ClearColor, ClearDepth, and ClearStencil.

func (*GLS) ClearColor Uses

func (gs *GLS) ClearColor(r, g, b, a float32)

ClearColor specifies the red, green, blue, and alpha values used by glClear to clear the color buffers.

func (*GLS) CompileShader Uses

func (gs *GLS) CompileShader(shader uint32)

CompileShader compiles the source code strings that have been stored in the specified shader object.

func (*GLS) CreateProgram Uses

func (gs *GLS) CreateProgram() uint32

CreateProgram creates an empty program object and returns a non-zero value by which it can be referenced.

func (*GLS) CreateShader Uses

func (gs *GLS) CreateShader(stype uint32) uint32

CreateShader creates an empty shader object and returns a non-zero value by which it can be referenced.

func (*GLS) CullFace Uses

func (gs *GLS) CullFace(mode uint32)

CullFace specifies whether front- or back-facing facets can be culled.

func (*GLS) DeleteBuffers Uses

func (gs *GLS) DeleteBuffers(bufs ...uint32)

DeleteBuffers deletes n​buffer objects named by the elements of the provided array.

func (*GLS) DeleteProgram Uses

func (gs *GLS) DeleteProgram(program uint32)

DeleteProgram frees the memory and invalidates the name associated with the specified program object.

func (*GLS) DeleteShader Uses

func (gs *GLS) DeleteShader(shader uint32)

DeleteShader frees the memory and invalidates the name associated with the specified shader object.

func (*GLS) DeleteTextures Uses

func (gs *GLS) DeleteTextures(tex ...uint32)

DeleteTextures deletes n​textures named by the elements of the provided array.

func (*GLS) DeleteVertexArrays Uses

func (gs *GLS) DeleteVertexArrays(vaos ...uint32)

DeleteVertexArrays deletes n​vertex array objects named by the elements of the provided array.

func (*GLS) DepthFunc Uses

func (gs *GLS) DepthFunc(mode uint32)

DepthFunc specifies the function used to compare each incoming pixel depth value with the depth value present in the depth buffer.

func (*GLS) DepthMask Uses

func (gs *GLS) DepthMask(flag bool)

DepthMask enables or disables writing into the depth buffer.

func (*GLS) Disable Uses

func (gs *GLS) Disable(cap int)

Disable disables the specified capability.

func (*GLS) DrawArrays Uses

func (gs *GLS) DrawArrays(mode uint32, first int32, count int32)

DrawArrays renders primitives from array data.

func (*GLS) DrawBuffer Uses

func (gs *GLS) DrawBuffer(mode uint32)

DrawBuffer specifies which color buffers are to be drawn into.

func (*GLS) DrawElements Uses

func (gs *GLS) DrawElements(mode uint32, count int32, itype uint32, start uint32)

DrawElements renders primitives from array data.

func (*GLS) Enable Uses

func (gs *GLS) Enable(cap int)

Enable enables the specified capability.

func (*GLS) EnableVertexAttribArray Uses

func (gs *GLS) EnableVertexAttribArray(index uint32)

EnableVertexAttribArray enables a generic vertex attribute array.

func (*GLS) FrontFace Uses

func (gs *GLS) FrontFace(mode uint32)

FrontFace defines front- and back-facing polygons.

func (*GLS) GenBuffer Uses

func (gs *GLS) GenBuffer() uint32

GenBuffer generates a​buffer object name.

func (*GLS) GenTexture Uses

func (gs *GLS) GenTexture() uint32

GenTexture generates a texture object name.

func (*GLS) GenVertexArray Uses

func (gs *GLS) GenVertexArray() uint32

GenVertexArray generates a vertex array object name.

func (*GLS) GenerateMipmap Uses

func (gs *GLS) GenerateMipmap(target uint32)

GenerateMipmap generates mipmaps for the specified texture target.

func (*GLS) GetAttribLocation Uses

func (gs *GLS) GetAttribLocation(program uint32, name string) int32

GetAttribLocation returns the location of the specified attribute variable.

func (*GLS) GetProgramInfoLog Uses

func (gs *GLS) GetProgramInfoLog(program uint32) string

GetProgramInfoLog returns the information log for the specified program object.

func (*GLS) GetProgramiv Uses

func (gs *GLS) GetProgramiv(program, pname uint32, params *int32)

GetProgramiv returns the specified parameter from the specified program object.

func (*GLS) GetShaderInfoLog Uses

func (gs *GLS) GetShaderInfoLog(shader uint32) string

GetShaderInfoLog returns the information log for the specified shader object.

func (*GLS) GetShaderiv Uses

func (gs *GLS) GetShaderiv(shader, pname uint32, params *int32)

GetShaderiv returns the specified parameter from the specified shader object.

func (*GLS) GetString Uses

func (gs *GLS) GetString(name uint32) string

GetString returns a string describing the specified aspect of the current GL connection.

func (*GLS) GetUniformLocation Uses

func (gs *GLS) GetUniformLocation(program uint32, name string) int32

GetUniformLocation returns the location of a uniform variable for the specified program.

func (*GLS) GetViewport Uses

func (gs *GLS) GetViewport() (x, y, width, height int32)

GetViewport returns the current viewport information.

func (*GLS) LineWidth Uses

func (gs *GLS) LineWidth(width float32)

LineWidth specifies the rasterized width of both aliased and antialiased lines.

func (*GLS) LinkProgram Uses

func (gs *GLS) LinkProgram(program uint32)

LinkProgram links the specified program object.

func (*GLS) NewProgram Uses

func (gs *GLS) NewProgram() *Program

NewProgram creates and returns a new empty shader program object. Use this type methods to add shaders and build the final program.

func (*GLS) PolygonMode Uses

func (gs *GLS) PolygonMode(face, mode uint32)

PolygonMode controls the interpretation of polygons for rasterization.

func (*GLS) PolygonOffset Uses

func (gs *GLS) PolygonOffset(factor float32, units float32)

PolygonOffset sets the scale and units used to calculate depth values.

func (*GLS) Scissor Uses

func (gs *GLS) Scissor(x, y int32, width, height uint32)

Scissor defines the scissor box rectangle in window coordinates.

func (*GLS) SetCheckErrors Uses

func (gs *GLS) SetCheckErrors(enable bool)

SetCheckErrors enables/disables checking for errors after the call of any OpenGL function. It is enabled by default but could be disabled after an application is stable to improve the performance.

func (*GLS) ShaderSource Uses

func (gs *GLS) ShaderSource(shader uint32, src string)

ShaderSource sets the source code for the specified shader object.

func (*GLS) Stats Uses

func (gs *GLS) Stats(s *Stats)

Stats copy the current values of the internal statistics structure to the specified pointer.

func (*GLS) TexImage2D Uses

func (gs *GLS) TexImage2D(target uint32, level int32, iformat int32, width int32, height int32, border int32, format uint32, itype uint32, data interface{})

TexImage2D specifies a two-dimensional texture image.

func (*GLS) TexParameteri Uses

func (gs *GLS) TexParameteri(target uint32, pname uint32, param int32)

TexParameteri sets the specified texture parameter on the specified texture.

func (*GLS) Uniform1f Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform1f(location int32, v0 float32)

Uniform1f sets the value of a float uniform variable for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform1fv Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform1fv(location int32, count int32, v []float32)

Uniform1fv sets the value of one or many float uniform variables for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform1i Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform1i(location int32, v0 int32)

Uniform1i sets the value of an int uniform variable for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform2f Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform2f(location int32, v0, v1 float32)

Uniform2f sets the value of a vec2 uniform variable for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform2fv Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform2fv(location int32, count int32, v *float32)

Uniform2fv sets the value of one or many vec2 uniform variables for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform2fvUP Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform2fvUP(location int32, count int32, v unsafe.Pointer)

func (*GLS) Uniform3f Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform3f(location int32, v0, v1, v2 float32)

Uniform3f sets the value of a vec3 uniform variable for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform3fv Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform3fv(location int32, count int32, v *float32)

Uniform3fv sets the value of one or many vec3 uniform variables for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform3fvUP Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform3fvUP(location int32, count int32, v unsafe.Pointer)

func (*GLS) Uniform4f Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform4f(location int32, v0, v1, v2, v3 float32)

Uniform4f sets the value of a vec4 uniform variable for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform4fv Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform4fv(location int32, count int32, v []float32)

Uniform4fv sets the value of one or many vec4 uniform variables for the current program object.

func (*GLS) Uniform4fvUP Uses

func (gs *GLS) Uniform4fvUP(location int32, count int32, v unsafe.Pointer)

func (*GLS) UniformMatrix3fv Uses

func (gs *GLS) UniformMatrix3fv(location int32, count int32, transpose bool, pm *float32)

UniformMatrix3fv sets the value of one or many 3x3 float matrices for the current program object.

func (*GLS) UniformMatrix4fv Uses

func (gs *GLS) UniformMatrix4fv(location int32, count int32, transpose bool, pm *float32)

UniformMatrix4fv sets the value of one or many 4x4 float matrices for the current program object.

func (*GLS) UseProgram Uses

func (gs *GLS) UseProgram(prog *Program)

UseProgram sets the specified program as the current program.

func (*GLS) VertexAttribPointer Uses

func (gs *GLS) VertexAttribPointer(index uint32, size int32, xtype uint32, normalized bool, stride int32, offset uint32)

VertexAttribPointer defines an array of generic vertex attribute data.

func (*GLS) Viewport Uses

func (gs *GLS) Viewport(x, y, width, height int32)

Viewport sets the viewport.

type Program Uses

type Program struct {
    ShowSource bool // Show source code in error messages
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Program represents an OpenGL program. It must have Vertex and Fragment shaders. It can also have a Geometry shader.

func (*Program) AddShader Uses

func (prog *Program) AddShader(stype uint32, source string)

AddShader adds a shader to this program. This must be done before the program is built.

func (*Program) Build Uses

func (prog *Program) Build() error

Build builds the program, compiling and linking the previously supplied shaders.

func (*Program) CompileShader Uses

func (prog *Program) CompileShader(stype uint32, source string) (uint32, error)

CompileShader creates and compiles an OpenGL shader of the specified type, with the specified source code, and returns a non-zero value by which it can be referenced.

func (*Program) DeleteShaders Uses

func (prog *Program) DeleteShaders()

DeleteShaders deletes all of this program's shaders from OpenGL.

func (*Program) GetAttribLocation Uses

func (prog *Program) GetAttribLocation(name string) int32

GetAttribLocation returns the location of the specified attribute in this program. This location is internally cached.

func (*Program) GetUniformLocation Uses

func (prog *Program) GetUniformLocation(name string) int32

GetUniformLocation returns the location of the specified uniform in this program. This location is internally cached.

func (*Program) Handle Uses

func (prog *Program) Handle() uint32

Handle returns the OpenGL handle of this program.

type ShaderDefines Uses

type ShaderDefines map[string]string

ShaderDefines is a store of shader defines ("#define <key> <value>").

func NewShaderDefines Uses

func NewShaderDefines() *ShaderDefines

NewShaderDefines creates and returns a pointer to a ShaderDefines object.

func (*ShaderDefines) Add Uses

func (sd *ShaderDefines) Add(other *ShaderDefines)

Add adds to this ShaderDefines all the key-value pairs in the specified ShaderDefines.

func (*ShaderDefines) Equals Uses

func (sd *ShaderDefines) Equals(other *ShaderDefines) bool

Equals compares two ShaderDefines and return true if they contain the same key-value pairs.

func (*ShaderDefines) Set Uses

func (sd *ShaderDefines) Set(name, value string)

Set sets a shader define with the specified value.

func (*ShaderDefines) Unset Uses

func (sd *ShaderDefines) Unset(name string)

Unset removes the specified name from the shader defines.

type Stats Uses

type Stats struct {
    Shaders    int    // Current number of shader programs
    Vaos       int    // Number of Vertex Array Objects
    Buffers    int    // Number of Buffer Objects
    Textures   int    // Number of Textures
    Caphits    uint64 // Cumulative number of hits for Enable/Disable
    UnilocHits uint64 // Cumulative number of uniform location cache hits
    UnilocMiss uint64 // Cumulative number of uniform location cache misses
    Unisets    uint64 // Cumulative number of uniform sets
    Drawcalls  uint64 // Cumulative number of draw calls

Stats contains counters of OpenGL resources being used as well the cumulative numbers of some OpenGL calls for performance evaluation.

type Uniform Uses

type Uniform struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Uniform represents an OpenGL uniform.

func (*Uniform) Init Uses

func (u *Uniform) Init(name string)

Init initializes this uniform location cache and sets its name.

func (*Uniform) Location Uses

func (u *Uniform) Location(gs *GLS) int32

Location returns the location of this uniform for the current shader program. The returned location can be -1 if not found.

func (*Uniform) LocationIdx Uses

func (u *Uniform) LocationIdx(gs *GLS, idx int32) int32

LocationIdx returns the location of this indexed uniform for the current shader program. The returned location can be -1 if not found.

func (*Uniform) Name Uses

func (u *Uniform) Name() string

Name returns the uniform name.

type VBO Uses

type VBO struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

VBO abstracts an OpenGL Vertex Buffer Object.

func NewVBO Uses

func NewVBO(buffer math32.ArrayF32) *VBO

NewVBO creates and returns a pointer to a new OpenGL Vertex Buffer Object.

func (*VBO) AddAttrib Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AddAttrib(atype AttribType) *VBO

AddAttrib adds a new attribute to the VBO with the specified type. The attribute's ByteOffset is computed automatically based on the existing attributes.

func (*VBO) AddAttribOffset Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AddAttribOffset(atype AttribType, byteOffset uint32) *VBO

AddAttribOffset adds a new attribute to the VBO with the specified type and byteOffset.

func (*VBO) AddCustomAttrib Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AddCustomAttrib(name string, itemSize int32) *VBO

AddCustomAttrib adds a new attribute to the VBO with the specified name and itemSize.

func (*VBO) AddCustomAttribOffset Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AddCustomAttribOffset(name string, itemSize int32, byteOffset uint32) *VBO

AddCustomAttribOffset adds a new attribute to the VBO with the specified name, itemSize and byteOffset.

func (*VBO) Attrib Uses

func (vbo *VBO) Attrib(atype AttribType) *VBOattrib

Attrib finds and returns a pointer to the VBO attribute with the specified type. Returns nil if not found.

func (*VBO) AttribAt Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AttribAt(idx int) *VBOattrib

AttribAt returns a pointer to the VBO attribute at the specified index.

func (*VBO) AttribCount Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AttribCount() int

AttribCount returns the current number of attributes for this VBO.

func (*VBO) AttribName Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AttribName(name string) *VBOattrib

AttribName finds and returns a pointer to the VBO attribute with the specified name. Returns nil if not found.

func (*VBO) AttribOffset Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AttribOffset(attribType AttribType) int

AttribOffset returns the total number of elements from all attributes preceding the attribute specified by type.

func (*VBO) AttribOffsetName Uses

func (vbo *VBO) AttribOffsetName(name string) int

AttribOffsetName returns the total number of elements from all attributes preceding the attribute specified by name.

func (*VBO) Attributes Uses

func (vbo *VBO) Attributes() []VBOattrib

Attributes returns the attributes for this VBO.

func (*VBO) Buffer Uses

func (vbo *VBO) Buffer() *math32.ArrayF32

Buffer returns a pointer to the VBO buffer.

func (*VBO) Dispose Uses

func (vbo *VBO) Dispose()

Dispose disposes of the OpenGL resources used by the VBO. As currently the VBO is used only by Geometry objects it is not referenced counted.

func (*VBO) OperateOnVectors3 Uses

func (vbo *VBO) OperateOnVectors3(attribType AttribType, cb func(vec *math32.Vector3) bool)

OperateOnVectors3 iterates over all 3-float32 items for the specified attribute and calls the specified callback function with a pointer to each item as a Vector3. The vector pointers can be modified inside the callback and the modifications will be applied to the buffer at each iteration. The callback function returns false to continue or true to break.

func (*VBO) ReadTripleVectors3 Uses

func (vbo *VBO) ReadTripleVectors3(attribType AttribType, cb func(vec1, vec2, vec3 math32.Vector3) bool)

Read3Vectors3 iterates over all 3-float32 items (3 items at a time) for the specified attribute and calls the specified callback function with the value of each of the 3 items as Vector3. The callback function returns false to continue or true to break.

func (*VBO) ReadVectors3 Uses

func (vbo *VBO) ReadVectors3(attribType AttribType, cb func(vec math32.Vector3) bool)

ReadVectors3 iterates over all 3-float32 items for the specified attribute and calls the specified callback function with the value of each item as a Vector3. The callback function returns false to continue or true to break.

func (*VBO) SetBuffer Uses

func (vbo *VBO) SetBuffer(buffer math32.ArrayF32) *VBO

SetBuffer sets the VBO buffer.

func (*VBO) SetUsage Uses

func (vbo *VBO) SetUsage(usage uint32)

SetUsage sets the expected usage pattern of the buffer. The default value is GL_STATIC_DRAW.

func (*VBO) Stride Uses

func (vbo *VBO) Stride() int

Stride returns the stride of the VBO, which is the number of elements in one complete set of group attributes. E.g. for an interleaved VBO with two attributes: "VertexPosition" (3 elements) and "VertexTexcoord" (2 elements), the stride would be 5: [X, Y, Z, U, V], X, Y, Z, U, V, X, Y, Z, U, V... X, Y, Z, U, V.

func (*VBO) StrideSize Uses

func (vbo *VBO) StrideSize() int

StrideSize returns the number of bytes used by one complete set of group attributes. E.g. for an interleaved VBO with two attributes: "VertexPosition" (3 elements) and "VertexTexcoord" (2 elements), the stride would be 5: [X, Y, Z, U, V], X, Y, Z, U, V, X, Y, Z, U, V... X, Y, Z, U, V and the stride size would be: sizeof(float)*stride = 4*5 = 20

func (*VBO) Transfer Uses

func (vbo *VBO) Transfer(gs *GLS)

Transfer (called internally) transfers the data from the VBO buffer to OpenGL if necessary.

func (*VBO) Update Uses

func (vbo *VBO) Update()

Update sets the update flag to force the VBO update.

type VBOattrib Uses

type VBOattrib struct {
    Type        AttribType // Type of the attribute
    Name        string     // Name of the attribute
    ByteOffset  uint32     // Byte offset from the start of the VBO
    NumElements int32      // Number of elements
    ElementType uint32     // Type of the element (e.g. FLOAT, INT, UNSIGNED_SHORT, etc...)

VBOattrib describes one attribute of an OpenGL Vertex Buffer Object.



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