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package helper

import "github.com/g3n/engine/util/helper"


Package Files

axes.go camera.go grid.go normals.go

type Axes Uses

type Axes struct {

Axes is a visual representation of the three axes.

func NewAxes Uses

func NewAxes(size float32) *Axes

NewAxes returns a pointer to a new Axes object.

type Grid Uses

type Grid struct {

Grid is a visual representation of a grid.

func NewGrid Uses

func NewGrid(size, step float32, color *math32.Color) *Grid

NewGrid creates and returns a pointer to a new grid helper with the specified size and step.

type Normals Uses

type Normals struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Normals is the visual representation of the normals of a target object.

func NewNormals Uses

func NewNormals(ig graphic.IGraphic, size float32, color *math32.Color, lineWidth float32) *Normals

NewNormals creates a normals helper for the specified IGraphic, with the specified size, color, and lineWidth.

func (*Normals) Update Uses

func (nh *Normals) Update()

Update should be called in the render loop to update the normals based on the target object.

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