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package helper

import ""


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func DetermineLatestExpirableVersion Uses

func DetermineLatestExpirableVersion(offeredVersions []core.ExpirableVersion) (core.ExpirableVersion, error)

DetermineLatestExpirableVersion determines the latest ExpirableVersion from a slice of ExpirableVersions

func DetermineLatestMachineImageVersion Uses

func DetermineLatestMachineImageVersion(image core.MachineImage) (core.ExpirableVersion, error)

DetermineLatestMachineImageVersion determines the latest MachineImageVersion from a MachineImage

func DetermineLatestMachineImageVersions Uses

func DetermineLatestMachineImageVersions(images []core.MachineImage) (map[string]core.ExpirableVersion, error)

DetermineLatestMachineImageVersions determines the latest versions (semVer) of the given machine images from a slice of machine images

func FindPrimaryDNSProvider Uses

func FindPrimaryDNSProvider(providers []core.DNSProvider) *core.DNSProvider

FindPrimaryDNSProvider finds the primary provider among the given `providers`. It returns the first provider if multiple candidates are found.

func FindWorkerByName Uses

func FindWorkerByName(workers []core.Worker, name string) *core.Worker

FindWorkerByName tries to find the worker with the given name. If it cannot be found it returns nil.

func GetCondition Uses

func GetCondition(conditions []core.Condition, conditionType core.ConditionType) *core.Condition

GetCondition returns the condition with the given <conditionType> out of the list of <conditions>. In case the required type could not be found, it returns nil.

func GetConditionIndex Uses

func GetConditionIndex(conditions []core.Condition, conditionType core.ConditionType) int

GetConditionIndex returns the index of the condition with the given <conditionType> out of the list of <conditions>. In case the required type could not be found, it returns -1.

func QuotaScope Uses

func QuotaScope(scopeRef corev1.ObjectReference) (string, error)

QuotaScope returns the scope of a quota scope reference.

func ShootUsesUnmanagedDNS Uses

func ShootUsesUnmanagedDNS(shoot *core.Shoot) bool

ShootUsesUnmanagedDNS returns true if the shoot's DNS section is marked as 'unmanaged'.

func ShootWantsBasicAuthentication Uses

func ShootWantsBasicAuthentication(kubeAPIServerConfig *core.KubeAPIServerConfig) bool

ShootWantsBasicAuthentication returns true if basic authentication is not configured or if it is set explicitly to 'true'.

func TaintsHave Uses

func TaintsHave(taints []core.SeedTaint, key string) bool

TaintsHave returns true if the given key is part of the taints list.

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