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package chartrenderer

import ""


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func DiscoverCapabilities Uses

func DiscoverCapabilities(disc discovery.DiscoveryInterface) (*chartutil.Capabilities, error)

DiscoverCapabilities discovers the capabilities required for chart renderers using the given DiscoveryInterface.

func SortByKind Uses

func SortByKind(manifests []manifest.Manifest) []manifest.Manifest

SortByKind sorts manifests in InstallOrder

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    Render(chartPath, releaseName, namespace string, values interface{}) (*RenderedChart, error)
    RenderArchive(archive []byte, releaseName, namespace string, values interface{}) (*RenderedChart, error)

Interface is an interface for rendering Helm Charts from path, name, namespace and values.

func New Uses

func New(engine *engine.Engine, capabilities *chartutil.Capabilities) Interface

New creates a new chart renderer with the given Engine and Capabilities.

func NewForConfig Uses

func NewForConfig(cfg *rest.Config) (Interface, error)

NewForConfig creates a new ChartRenderer object. It requires a Kubernetes client as input which will be injected in the Tiller environment.

type RenderedChart Uses

type RenderedChart struct {
    ChartName string
    Manifests []manifest.Manifest

RenderedChart holds a map of rendered templates file with template file name as key and rendered template as value.

func (*RenderedChart) FileContent Uses

func (c *RenderedChart) FileContent(filename string) string

FileContent returns explicitly the content of the provided <filename>.

func (*RenderedChart) Files Uses

func (c *RenderedChart) Files() map[string]string

Files returns all rendered manifests mapping their names to their content.

func (*RenderedChart) Manifest Uses

func (c *RenderedChart) Manifest() []byte

Manifest returns the manifest of the rendered chart as byte array.

type SortOrder Uses

type SortOrder []string

SortOrder is an ordering of Kinds.

var InstallOrder SortOrder = []string{

InstallOrder is the order in which manifests should be installed (by Kind).

Those occurring earlier in the list get installed before those occurring later in the list.

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