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package metrics

import ""


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controller.go workqueue.go

func NewCounterVec Uses

func NewCounterVec(name, help string) *prometheus.CounterVec

NewCounterVec returns a new counter vector.

func NewMetricDescriptor Uses

func NewMetricDescriptor(name, description string) *prometheus.Desc

NewMetricDescriptor returns a new metric descriptor.

func RegisterControllerMetrics Uses

func RegisterControllerMetrics(metricsDesc *prometheus.Desc, scrapeFailureMetric *prometheus.CounterVec, controllers ...ControllerMetricsCollector)

RegisterControllerMetrics initializes the collection of Controller related metrics. This function ensures to run only once for avoiding multiple controller registration.

func RegisterWorkqueMetrics Uses

func RegisterWorkqueMetrics()

RegisterWorkqueMetrics creates and register a provider for workqueue metrics which is used to map the data collected by the workqueues to the proper metrics. The provider needs to be registered, before creating workqueues otherwise it wouldn't be noticed.

type ControllerMetricsCollector Uses

type ControllerMetricsCollector interface {
    // CollectMetrics is called by the controllerCollector when collecting metrics.
    // The implemtation sends the collected metrics to the given channel.
    CollectMetrics(ch chan<- prometheus.Metric)

ControllerMetricsCollector is an interface implemented by any controller bundled in the Gardener Controller Manager which wants to expose metrics.

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