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package features

import ""


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const (

    // Logging enables logging stack for clusters.
    // owner @mvladev
    // alpha: v0.13.0
    Logging featuregate.Feature = "Logging"

    // HVPA enables simultaneous horizontal and vertical scaling in Seed Clusters.
    // owner @ggaurav10, @amshuman-kr
    // alpha: v0.31.0
    HVPA featuregate.Feature = "HVPA"

    // HVPAForShootedSeed enables simultaneous horizontal and vertical scaling in shooted seed Clusters.
    // owner @ggaurav10, @amshuman-kr
    // alpha: v0.32.0
    HVPAForShootedSeed featuregate.Feature = "HVPAForShootedSeed"

    // ManagedIstio installs minimal Istio components in istio-system.
    // Disable this feature if Istio is already installed in the cluster.
    // Istio is not automatically removed if this feature is set to false.
    // See
    // owner @mvladev
    // alpha: v1.5.0
    ManagedIstio featuregate.Feature = "ManagedIstio"

    // KonnectivityTunnel enables inverting the connection direction to be shoot->seed instead of seed->shoot (only for Shoots with Kubernetes version >= 1.18).
    // owner @zanetworker
    // alpha: v1.6.0
    KonnectivityTunnel featuregate.Feature = "KonnectivityTunnel"

    // APIServerSNI allows to use only one LoadBalancer in the Seed cluster
    // for all Shoot clusters. Requires Istio to be installed in the cluster or
    // ManagedIstio feature gate to be enabled.
    // See
    // owner @mvladev
    // alpha: v1.7.0
    APIServerSNI featuregate.Feature = "APIServerSNI"

    // CachedRuntimeClients enables a cache in the controller-runtime clients, that Gardener uses.
    // If disabled all controller-runtime clients will directly talk to the API server instead of relying on a cache.
    // owner @tim-ebert
    // alpha: v1.7.0
    CachedRuntimeClients featuregate.Feature = "CachedRuntimeClients"

    // NodeLocalDNS enables node-local-dns cache feature.
    // owner @zanetworker
    // alpha: v1.7.0
    NodeLocalDNS featuregate.Feature = "NodeLocalDNS"

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