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package logger

import ""


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var Logger *logrus.Logger

Logger is the standard logger for the Gardener which is used for all messages which are not Shoot cluster specific.

func AddWriter Uses

func AddWriter(logger *logrus.Logger, writer io.Writer) *logrus.Logger

AddWriter returns a logger that uses the tests writer (e.g., GingkoWriter) as output channel

func NewFieldLogger Uses

func NewFieldLogger(logger *logrus.Logger, fieldKey, fieldValue string) *logrus.Entry

NewFieldLogger extends an existing logrus logger and adds the provided additional field. Example output: time="2017-06-08T13:00:49+02:00" level=info msg="something" <fieldKey>=<fieldValue>.

func NewLogger Uses

func NewLogger(logLevel string) *logrus.Logger

NewLogger creates a new logrus logger. It uses STDERR as output channel and evaluates the value of the --log-level command line argument in order to set the log level. Example output: time="2017-06-08T13:00:28+02:00" level=info msg="gardener started successfully".

func NewNopLogger Uses

func NewNopLogger() *logrus.Logger

NewNopLogger instantiates a new logger that logs to ioutil.Discard.

func NewShootLogger Uses

func NewShootLogger(logger *logrus.Logger, shoot, project string) *logrus.Entry

NewShootLogger extends an existing logrus logger and adds an additional field containing the Shoot cluster name and the project in the Garden cluster to the output. If an <operationID> is provided it will be printed for every log message. Example output: time="2017-06-08T13:00:49+02:00" level=info msg="Creating namespace in seed cluster" shoot=core/crazy-botany.

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