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package backupentry

import ""


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var StatusStrategy = backupEntryStatusStrategy{Strategy}

StatusStrategy defines the storage strategy for the status subresource of BackupEntries.

var Strategy = backupEntryStrategy{api.Scheme, names.SimpleNameGenerator}

Strategy defines the storage strategy for BackupEntries.

func GetAttrs Uses

func GetAttrs(obj runtime.Object) (labels.Set, fields.Set, error)

GetAttrs returns labels and fields of a given object for filtering purposes.

func MatchBackupEntry Uses

func MatchBackupEntry(label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector) storage.SelectionPredicate

MatchBackupEntry returns a generic matcher for a given label and field selector.

func SeedNameTriggerFunc Uses

func SeedNameTriggerFunc(obj runtime.Object) string

SeedNameTriggerFunc returns spec.seedName of given BackupEntry.

func ToSelectableFields Uses

func ToSelectableFields(backupEntry *core.BackupEntry) fields.Set

ToSelectableFields returns a field set that represents the object TODO: fields are not labels, and the validation rules for them do not apply.



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