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package test

import ""


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func WithEnvVar Uses

func WithEnvVar(key, value string) func()

WithEnvVar sets the env variable to the given environment variable and returns a function to revert. If the value is empty, the environment variable will be unset.

func WithVar Uses

func WithVar(dst, src interface{}) func()

WithVar sets the given var to the src value and returns a function to revert to the original state. The type of `dst` has to be a settable pointer. The value of `src` has to be assignable to the type of `dst`.

Example usage:

v := "foo"
defer WithVar(&v, "bar")()

func WithVars Uses

func WithVars(dstsAndSrcs ...interface{}) func()

WithVars sets the given vars to the given values and returns a function to revert back. dstsAndSrcs have to appear in pairs of 2, otherwise there will be a runtime panic.

Example usage:

defer WithVars(&v, "foo", &x, "bar")()

func WithWd Uses

func WithWd(path string) func()

WithWd sets the working directory and returns a function to revert to the previous one.

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