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package applications

import ""


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const (
    // GuestBook is the name of the guestbook k8s resources
    GuestBook = "guestbook"

    // RedisMaster is the name of the redis master deployed by the helm chart
    RedisMaster = "redis-master"

type GuestBookTest Uses

type GuestBookTest struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GuestBookTest is simple application tests. It deploys a guestbook application with a redis backend and a frontend that is exposed via an ingress.

func NewGuestBookTest Uses

func NewGuestBookTest(f *framework.ShootFramework) (*GuestBookTest, error)

NewGuestBookTest creates a new guestbook application test This test should run inside a testframework with a registered shoot test because otherwise created resources may leak.

func (*GuestBookTest) Cleanup Uses

func (t *GuestBookTest) Cleanup(ctx context.Context)

Cleanup cleans up all resources depoyed by the guestbook test

func (*GuestBookTest) DeployGuestBookApp Uses

func (t *GuestBookTest) DeployGuestBookApp(ctx context.Context)

DeployGuestBookApp deploys the redis helmchart and the guestbook app application

func (*GuestBookTest) Test Uses

func (t *GuestBookTest) Test(ctx context.Context)

Test tests that a deployed guestbook application is working correctly

func (*GuestBookTest) WaitUntilGuestbookAppIsAvailable Uses

func (t *GuestBookTest) WaitUntilGuestbookAppIsAvailable(ctx context.Context, guestbookAppUrls []string) error

WaitUntilGuestbookAppIsAvailable waits until the deployed guestbook application can be reached via http

func (*GuestBookTest) WaitUntilPrerequisitesAreReady Uses

func (t *GuestBookTest) WaitUntilPrerequisitesAreReady(ctx context.Context)

WaitUntilPrerequisitesAreReady waits until the redis master is ready.

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