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package rpcserver

import "github.com/gcash/bchwallet/rpc/rpcserver"

Package rpcserver implements the RPC API and is used by the main package to start gRPC services.

Full documentation of the API implemented by this package is maintained in a language-agnostic document:


Any API changes must be performed according to the steps listed here:



Package Files

log.go server.go

func RegisterServices Uses

func RegisterServices(server *grpc.Server)

RegisterServices registers implementations of each gRPC service and registers it with the server. Not all service are ready to be used after registration.

func ServiceReady Uses

func ServiceReady(service string) error

ServiceReady returns nil when the service is ready and a gRPC error when not.

func StartWalletLoaderService Uses

func StartWalletLoaderService(server *grpc.Server, loader *wallet.Loader, activeNet *netparams.Params)

StartWalletLoaderService creates an implementation of the WalletLoaderService and registers it with the gRPC server.

func StartWalletService Uses

func StartWalletService(server *grpc.Server, wallet *wallet.Wallet)

StartWalletService creates an implementation of the WalletService and registers it with the gRPC server.

func UseLogger Uses

func UseLogger(l bchlog.Logger)

UseLogger sets the logger to use for the gRPC server.

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