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package label

import "github.com/giantswarm/kvm-operator/pkg/label"

Package label contains common Kubernetes object labels. These are defined in https://github.com/giantswarm/fmt/blob/master/kubernetes/annotations_and_labels.md.


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const (
    // Cluster label is a new style label for ClusterID.
    Cluster = "giantswarm.io/cluster"
    // ManagedBy is set for Kubernetes resources managed by the operator.
    ManagedBy = "giantswarm.io/managed-by"
    // Organization label denotes tenant cluster's organization ID as displayed
    // in the front-end.
    Organization   = "giantswarm.io/organization"
    ReleaseVersion = "release.giantswarm.io/version"
const (
    OperatorVersion = "kvm-operator.giantswarm.io/version"

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