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package healthz

import "github.com/giantswarm/microendpoint/endpoint/healthz"


Package Files

endpoint.go error.go


const (
    // Method is the HTTP method this endpoint is register for.
    Method = "GET"
    // Name identifies the endpoint. It is aligned to the package path.
    Name = "healthz"
    // Path is the HTTP request path this endpoint is registered for.
    Path = "/healthz"

func IsInvalidConfig Uses

func IsInvalidConfig(err error) bool

IsInvalidConfig asserts invalidConfigError.

func IsWrongType Uses

func IsWrongType(err error) bool

IsWrongType asserts wrongTypeError.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Dependencies.
    Logger   micrologger.Logger
    Services []healthz.Service

Config represents the configured used to create a healthz endpoint.

func DefaultConfig Uses

func DefaultConfig() Config

DefaultConfig provides a default configuration to create a new healthz endpoint by best effort.

type Endpoint Uses

type Endpoint struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(config Config) (*Endpoint, error)

New creates a new configured healthz endpoint.

func (*Endpoint) Decoder Uses

func (e *Endpoint) Decoder() kithttp.DecodeRequestFunc

func (*Endpoint) Encoder Uses

func (e *Endpoint) Encoder() kithttp.EncodeResponseFunc

func (*Endpoint) Endpoint Uses

func (e *Endpoint) Endpoint() kitendpoint.Endpoint

func (*Endpoint) Method Uses

func (e *Endpoint) Method() string

func (*Endpoint) Middlewares Uses

func (e *Endpoint) Middlewares() []kitendpoint.Middleware

func (*Endpoint) Name Uses

func (e *Endpoint) Name() string

func (*Endpoint) Path Uses

func (e *Endpoint) Path() string

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