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package data

import ""


Package Files

article.go errors.go


var (
    ErrUnauthorized = errors.New("Unauthorized")
    ErrForbidden    = errors.New("Forbidden")
    ErrNotFound     = errors.New("Resource not found")

func PresentError Uses

func PresentError(r *http.Request, err error) (*http.Request, interface{})

type Article Uses

type Article struct {
    ID                     int      `db:"id" json:"id" xml:"id"`
    Title                  string   `db:"title" json:"title" xml:"title"`
    Data                   []string `db:"data,stringarray" json:"data" xml:"data"`
    CustomDataForAuthUsers string   `db:"custom_data" json:"-" xml:"-"`

Article is runtime object, that's not meant to be sent via REST.

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