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package wagon

import "github.com/go-interpreter/wagon"

Package wagon is a WebAssembly-based interpreter in Go, for Go.


Package Files



disasmPackage disasm provides functions for disassembling WebAssembly bytecode.
execPackage exec provides functions for executing WebAssembly bytecode.
exec/internal/compilePackage compile is used internally by wagon to convert standard structured WebAssembly bytecode into an unstructured form suitable for execution by it's VM.
internal/stackPackage stack implements a growable uint64 stack
validatepackage validate provides functions for validating WebAssembly modules.
wasmPackage wasm provides functions for reading and parsing WebAssembly modules.
wasm/leb128Package leb128 provides functions for reading integer values encoded in the Little Endian Base 128 (LEB128) format: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LEB128
wasm/operatorsPackage operators provides all operators used by WebAssembly bytecode, together with their parameter and return type(s).

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