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package multi

import ""

Package multi provides adapters that send observations to multiple metrics simultaneously. This is useful if your service needs to emit to multiple instrumentation systems at the same time, for example if your organization is transitioning from one system to another.


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type Counter Uses

type Counter []metrics.Counter

Counter collects multiple individual counters and treats them as a unit.

func NewCounter Uses

func NewCounter(c ...metrics.Counter) Counter

NewCounter returns a multi-counter, wrapping the passed counters.

func (Counter) Add Uses

func (c Counter) Add(delta float64)

Add implements counter.

func (Counter) With Uses

func (c Counter) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Counter

With implements counter.

type Gauge Uses

type Gauge []metrics.Gauge

Gauge collects multiple individual gauges and treats them as a unit.

func NewGauge Uses

func NewGauge(g ...metrics.Gauge) Gauge

NewGauge returns a multi-gauge, wrapping the passed gauges.

func (Gauge) Add Uses

func (g Gauge) Add(delta float64)

Add implements metrics.Gauge.

func (Gauge) Set Uses

func (g Gauge) Set(value float64)

Set implements Gauge.

func (Gauge) With Uses

func (g Gauge) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Gauge

With implements gauge.

type Histogram Uses

type Histogram []metrics.Histogram

Histogram collects multiple individual histograms and treats them as a unit.

func NewHistogram Uses

func NewHistogram(h ...metrics.Histogram) Histogram

NewHistogram returns a multi-histogram, wrapping the passed histograms.

func (Histogram) Observe Uses

func (h Histogram) Observe(value float64)

Observe implements Histogram.

func (Histogram) With Uses

func (h Histogram) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Histogram

With implements histogram.

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