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package instance

import ""


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type Cache Uses

type Cache struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Cache keeps track of resource instances provided to it via Update method and implements the Instancer interface

func NewCache Uses

func NewCache() *Cache

NewCache creates a new Cache.

func (*Cache) Deregister Uses

func (c *Cache) Deregister(ch chan<- sd.Event)

Deregister implements Instancer.

func (*Cache) Register Uses

func (c *Cache) Register(ch chan<- sd.Event)

Register implements Instancer.

func (*Cache) State Uses

func (c *Cache) State() sd.Event

State returns the current state of discovery (instances or error) as sd.Event

func (*Cache) Stop Uses

func (c *Cache) Stop()

Stop implements Instancer. Since the cache is just a plain-old store of data, Stop is a no-op.

func (*Cache) Update Uses

func (c *Cache) Update(event sd.Event)

Update receives new instances from service discovery, stores them internally, and notifies all registered listeners.

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