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package transport

import ""

Package transport contains helpers applicable to all supported transports.


Package Files

doc.go error_handler.go

type ErrorHandler Uses

type ErrorHandler interface {
    Handle(ctx context.Context, err error)

ErrorHandler receives a transport error to be processed for diagnostic purposes. Usually this means logging the error.

type LogErrorHandler Uses

type LogErrorHandler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

LogErrorHandler is a transport error handler implementation which logs an error.

func NewLogErrorHandler Uses

func NewLogErrorHandler(logger log.Logger) *LogErrorHandler

func (*LogErrorHandler) Handle Uses

func (h *LogErrorHandler) Handle(ctx context.Context, err error)


amqpPackage amqp implements an AMQP transport.
awslambdaPackage awslambda provides an AWS Lambda transport layer.
grpcPackage grpc provides a gRPC binding for endpoints.
httpPackage http provides a general purpose HTTP binding for endpoints.
http/jsonrpcPackage jsonrpc provides a JSON RPC (v2.0) binding for endpoints.
httprpPackage httprp provides an HTTP reverse-proxy transport.
natsPackage nats provides a NATS transport.

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