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package criticality

import ""


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var (
    // EmptyCriticality is used to mark any invalid criticality, and the empty criticality will be parsed as the default criticality later.
    EmptyCriticality = Criticality("")
    // CriticalPlus is reserved for the most critical requests, those that will result in serious user-visible impact if they fail.
    CriticalPlus = Criticality("CRITICAL_PLUS")
    // Critical is the default value for requests sent from production jobs. These requests will result in user-visible impact, but the impact may be less severe than those of CRITICAL_PLUS. Services are expected to provision enough capacity for all expected CRITICAL and CRITICAL_PLUS traffic.
    Critical = Criticality("CRITICAL")
    // SheddablePlus is traffic for which partial unavailability is expected. This is the default for batch jobs, which can retry requests minutes or even hours later.
    SheddablePlus = Criticality("SHEDDABLE_PLUS")
    // Sheddable is traffic for which frequent partial unavailability and occasional full unavailability is expected.
    Sheddable = Criticality("SHEDDABLE")


func Exist Uses

func Exist(c Criticality) bool

Exist is used to check criticality is exist in several enumeration.

func Value Uses

func Value(in Criticality) int

Value is used to get criticality value, higher value is more critical.

type Criticality Uses

type Criticality string

Criticality is

func Parse Uses

func Parse(raw string) Criticality

Parse will parse raw criticality string as valid critality. Any invalid input will parse as empty criticality.

func (Criticality) Higher Uses

func (c Criticality) Higher(in Criticality) bool

Higher will compare the input criticality with self, return true if the input is more critical than self.

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