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package flagext

import ""


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type ByteSize Uses

type ByteSize int

ByteSize used to pass byte sizes to a go-flags CLI

func (ByteSize) MarshalFlag Uses

func (b ByteSize) MarshalFlag() (string, error)

MarshalFlag implements go-flags Marshaller interface

func (*ByteSize) Set Uses

func (b *ByteSize) Set(value string) error

Set the value of this bytesize (pflag value interfaces)

func (ByteSize) String Uses

func (b ByteSize) String() string

String method for a bytesize (pflag value and stringer interface)

func (*ByteSize) Type Uses

func (b *ByteSize) Type() string

Type returns the type of the pflag value (pflag value interface)

func (*ByteSize) UnmarshalFlag Uses

func (b *ByteSize) UnmarshalFlag(value string) error

UnmarshalFlag implements go-flags Unmarshaller interface

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