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package internal

import ""


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var Logger = log.New(os.Stderr, "redis: ", log.LstdFlags|log.Lshortfile)

func RetryBackoff Uses

func RetryBackoff(retry int, minBackoff, maxBackoff time.Duration) time.Duration

Retry backoff with jitter sleep to prevent overloaded conditions during intervals

func Sleep Uses

func Sleep(ctx context.Context, dur time.Duration) error

func ToLower Uses

func ToLower(s string) string

func Unwrap Uses

func Unwrap(err error) error

type Once Uses

type Once struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Once will perform a successful action exactly once.

Unlike a sync.Once, this Once's func returns an error and is re-armed on failure.

func (*Once) Do Uses

func (o *Once) Do(f func() error) error

Do calls the function f if and only if Do has not been invoked without error for this instance of Once. In other words, given

var once Once

if once.Do(f) is called multiple times, only the first call will invoke f, even if f has a different value in each invocation unless f returns an error. A new instance of Once is required for each function to execute.

Do is intended for initialization that must be run exactly once. Since f is niladic, it may be necessary to use a function literal to capture the arguments to a function to be invoked by Do:

err := config.once.Do(func() error { return config.init(filename) })


consistenthashPackage consistenthash provides an implementation of a ring hash.

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