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package booking

import "github.com/go-swagger/go-swagger/fixtures/goparsing/bookings"

Package booking API.

the purpose of this application is to provide an application that is using plain go code to define an API

Schemes: https
Host: localhost
Version: 0.0.1

- application/json

- application/json



Package Files


type BookingResponse Uses

type BookingResponse struct {
    // Booking struct
    // in: body
    // required: true
    Body struct {
        Booking  makeplans.Booking `json:"booking"`
        Customer Customer          `json:"customer"`
        Dates    DateRange         `json:"dates"`

BookingResponse represents a scheduled appointment

swagger:response BookingResponse

type Customer Uses

type Customer struct {
    Name string `json:"name"`

Customer of the site.

swagger:model Customer

type DateRange Uses

type DateRange struct {
    Start string `json:"start"`
    End   string `json:"end"`

DateRange represents a scheduled appointments time DateRange should be in definitions since it's being used in a response

type IgnoreMe Uses

type IgnoreMe struct {
    Name string `json:"name"`

IgnoreMe should not be added to definitions since it is not annotated.

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