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package zaplogger

import ""


Package Files


func Generate Uses

func Generate(genpkg string, roots []eval.Root, files []*codegen.File) ([]*codegen.File, error)

Generate generates zap logger specific files.

func GenerateFiles Uses

func GenerateFiles(genpkg string, root *expr.RootExpr) []*codegen.File

GenerateFiles create log specific files

func GenerateLoggerFile Uses

func GenerateLoggerFile(genpkg string) *codegen.File

GenerateLoggerFile returns the generated zap logger file.

func UpdateExample Uses

func UpdateExample(genpkg string, roots []eval.Root, files []*codegen.File) ([]*codegen.File, error)

UpdateExample modifies the example generated files by replacing the log import reference when needed It also modify the initially generated main and service files

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