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package cmd

import "github.com/gobuffalo/buffalo-pop/cmd"


Package Files

available.go destroy.go pop.go root.go

func Execute Uses

func Execute()

Execute adds all child commands to the root command and sets flags appropriately. This is called by main.main(). It only needs to happen once to the rootCmd.

type Command Uses

type Command struct {
    // Name "foo"
    Name string `json:"name"`
    // UseCommand "bar"
    UseCommand string `json:"use_command"`
    // BuffaloCommand "generate"
    BuffaloCommand string `json:"buffalo_command"`
    // Description "generates a foo"
    Description string   `json:"description,omitempty"`
    Aliases     []string `json:"aliases,omitempty"`
    Binary      string   `json:"-"`
    Flags       []string `json:"flags,omitempty"`
    // Filters events to listen to ("" or "*") is all events
    ListenFor string `json:"listen_for,omitempty"`

Command that the plugin supplies

type Commands Uses

type Commands []Command

Commands is a slice of Command



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