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package fix

import "github.com/gobuffalo/buffalo/buffalo/cmd/fix"


Package Files

deprecations.go docker.go fix.go imports.go middleware.go npm.go packr.go plugins.go plush.go runner.go tools.go webpack.go


var YesToAll bool

YesToAll will be used by the command to skip the questions

func AddPackageJSONScripts Uses

func AddPackageJSONScripts(r *Runner) error

AddPackageJSONScripts rewrites the package.json file to add dev and build scripts if there are missing.

func DeprecrationsCheck Uses

func DeprecrationsCheck(r *Runner) error

DeprecrationsCheck will either log, or fix, deprecated items in the application

func PackageJSONCheck Uses

func PackageJSONCheck(r *Runner) error

PackageJSONCheck will compare the current default Buffalo package.json against the applications package.json. If they are different you have the option to overwrite the existing package.json file with the new one.

func PackrClean Uses

func PackrClean(r *Runner) error

PackrClean will remove any packr files

func Plugins Uses

func Plugins(r *Runner) error

Plugins will fix plugins between releases

func Plush Uses

func Plush(r *Runner) error

Plush will update foo.html templates to foo.plush.html templates

func Run Uses

func Run() error

Run all compatible checks

func WebpackCheck Uses

func WebpackCheck(r *Runner) error

WebpackCheck will compare the current default Buffalo webpack.config.js against the applications webpack.config.js. If they are different you have the option to overwrite the existing webpack.config.js file with the new one.

type Check Uses

type Check func(*Runner) error

Check interface for runnable checker functions

type ImportConverter Uses

type ImportConverter struct {
    Data map[string]string

ImportConverter will changes imports from a -> b

func (ImportConverter) Process Uses

func (c ImportConverter) Process(r *Runner) error

Process will walk all the .go files in an application, excluding ./vendor. It will then attempt to convert any old import paths to any new import paths used by this version Buffalo.

type MiddlewareTransformer Uses

type MiddlewareTransformer struct {
    PackagesReplacement map[string]string
    Aliases             map[string]string

MiddlewareTransformer moves from our old middleware package to new one

type Runner Uses

type Runner struct {
    App      meta.App
    Warnings []string

Runner will run all compatible checks

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