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package plugins

import "github.com/gobuffalo/buffalo/buffalo/cmd/plugins"


Package Files

add.go available.go cache.go encode.go install.go list.go listen.go remove.go


var Available = plugcmds.NewAvailable()

Available used to manage all of the available commands for the plugins

var PluginsCmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   "plugins",
    Short: "tools for working with buffalo plugins",

PluginsCmd is the "root" command for the plugin features.

func Listen Uses

func Listen(e events.Event) error

Listen is listener for plugin events pipeline

func NewEncodePluginsRunner Uses

func NewEncodePluginsRunner(app meta.App, plugs *plugdeps.Plugins) func(r *genny.Runner) error

NewEncodePluginsRunner will return a runner that will encode the plugins file



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