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package rx

import ""

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Package Files

buffalo_checks.go cockroach.go ctx.go go_checks.go helpers.go map.go mysql.go node_checks.go npm_checks.go options.go pg.go render.go rx-packr.go rx.go sqlite.go tool.go version.go writer.go yarn_checks.go


const (
    SUCCESS = "\u2713"
    ERROR   = "\u2718"
    WARNING = "\u26A0"


var BuffaloMinimums = []string{">=0.14.10"}
var CockroachMinimums = []string{">=1.1.1", ">=2.0.x"}
var GoMinimums = []string{">=1.13"}
var MySQLMinimums = []string{">=3.5"}
var NodeMinimums = []string{">=1.11"}
var NpmMinimums = []string{">=6.0.0", ">=7.0.0"}
var PGMinimums = []string{">=9.3", ">=10.0", ">=11.0"}
var SQLiteMinimums = []string{">=3.0"}
var YarnMinimums = []string{">=1.12"}

func Context Uses

func Context(opts interface{}) *plush.Context

func New Uses

func New(opts *Options) (*genny.Generator, error)

type Helpers Uses

type Helpers struct{}

func (Helpers) Error Uses

func (Helpers) Error(help plush.HelperContext) (string, error)

func (Helpers) Success Uses

func (Helpers) Success(help plush.HelperContext) (string, error)

func (Helpers) Warning Uses

func (Helpers) Warning(help plush.HelperContext) (string, error)

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    App         meta.App
    Versions    StringMap
    Out         Writer
    SkipBuffalo bool
    SkipNode    bool
    SkipDB      bool

func (*Options) Validate Uses

func (opts *Options) Validate() error

Validate that options are usuable

type StringMap Uses

type StringMap struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

StringMap wraps sync.Map and uses the following types: key: string value: string

func (*StringMap) Delete Uses

func (m *StringMap) Delete(key string)

Delete the key from the map

func (*StringMap) Keys Uses

func (m *StringMap) Keys() []string

Keys returns a list of keys in the map

func (*StringMap) Load Uses

func (m *StringMap) Load(key string) (string, bool)

Load the key from the map. Returns string or bool. A false return indicates either the key was not found or the value is not of type string

func (*StringMap) LoadOrStore Uses

func (m *StringMap) LoadOrStore(key string, value string) (string, bool)

LoadOrStore will return an existing key or store the value if not already in the map

func (*StringMap) Range Uses

func (m *StringMap) Range(f func(key string, value string) bool)

Range over the string values in the map

func (*StringMap) Store Uses

func (m *StringMap) Store(key string, value string)

Store a string in the map

type Tool Uses

type Tool struct {
    Name    string
    Bin     string
    Version func(*genny.Runner) (string, error)
    Partial string
    Minimum []string

func (Tool) AcceptVersion Uses

func (t Tool) AcceptVersion(v string) (bool, error)

func (Tool) Generator Uses

func (t Tool) Generator(opts *Options) *genny.Generator

type Writer Uses

type Writer struct {

func NewWriter Uses

func NewWriter(w io.Writer) Writer

func (Writer) Error Uses

func (w Writer) Error(s string)

func (Writer) Header Uses

func (w Writer) Header(s string)

func (Writer) Render Uses

func (w Writer) Render(s string, ctx *plush.Context) error

func (Writer) RenderE Uses

func (w Writer) RenderE(err error) error

func (Writer) Success Uses

func (w Writer) Success(s string)

func (Writer) Tabs Uses

func (w Writer) Tabs(lines [][]string) error

func (Writer) Warning Uses

func (w Writer) Warning(s string)

func (Writer) WriteString Uses

func (w Writer) WriteString(s string) error

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