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package fizz

import ""

Package fizz is a common DSL for writing SQL migrations


Package Files

bubbler.go columns.go fizz.go foreign_keys.go index.go raw_sql.go tables.go translator.go version.go


const Version = "v1.9.5"

Version gives the current fizz version.


var CREATED_COL = Column{Name: "created_at", ColType: "timestamp", Options: nil}
var INT_ID_COL = Column{
    Name:    "id",
    Primary: true,
    ColType: "integer",
    Options: Options{},

Deprecated: Fizz won't force you to have an ID field now.

var UPDATED_COL = Column{Name: "updated_at", ColType: "timestamp", Options: nil}
var UUID_ID_COL = Column{
    Name:    "id",
    Primary: true,
    ColType: "uuid",
    Options: Options{},

Deprecated: Fizz won't force you to have an ID field now.

func AFile Uses

func AFile(f io.Reader, t Translator) (string, error)

AFile reads in a fizz migration from an io.Reader and translates its contents to SQL.

func AString Uses

func AString(s string, t Translator) (string, error)

AString reads a fizz string, and translates its contents to SQL.

type BubbleType Uses

type BubbleType int

type Bubbler Uses

type Bubbler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewBubbler Uses

func NewBubbler(t Translator) *Bubbler

func (*Bubbler) Bubble Uses

func (b *Bubbler) Bubble(s string) (string, error)

func (*Bubbler) String Uses

func (b *Bubbler) String() string

type Column Uses

type Column struct {
    Name    string
    ColType string
    Primary bool
    Options map[string]interface{}

func (Column) String Uses

func (c Column) String() string

type ForeignKey Uses

type ForeignKey struct {
    Name       string
    Column     string
    References ForeignKeyRef
    Options    Options

func (ForeignKey) String Uses

func (f ForeignKey) String() string

type ForeignKeyRef Uses

type ForeignKeyRef struct {
    Table   string
    Columns []string

type Index Uses

type Index struct {
    Name    string
    Columns []string
    Unique  bool
    Options Options

Index is the index definition for fizz.

func (Index) String Uses

func (i Index) String() string

type Options Uses

type Options map[string]interface{}

Options is a generic map of options.

type Table Uses

type Table struct {
    Name        string `db:"name"`
    Columns     []Column
    Indexes     []Index
    ForeignKeys []ForeignKey

    Options map[string]interface{}
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Table is the table definition for fizz.

func NewTable Uses

func NewTable(name string, opts map[string]interface{}) Table

NewTable creates a new Table.

func (*Table) Column Uses

func (t *Table) Column(name string, colType string, options Options) error

Column adds a column to the table definition.

func (*Table) ColumnNames Uses

func (t *Table) ColumnNames() []string

ColumnNames returns the names of the Table's columns.

func (*Table) DisableTimestamps Uses

func (t *Table) DisableTimestamps()

func (Table) Fizz Uses

func (t Table) Fizz() string

Fizz returns the fizz DDL to create the table.

func (*Table) ForeignKey Uses

func (t *Table) ForeignKey(column string, refs interface{}, options Options) error

ForeignKey adds a new foreign key to the table definition.

func (*Table) HasColumns Uses

func (t *Table) HasColumns(args ...string) bool

HasColumns checks if the Table has all the given columns.

func (*Table) Index Uses

func (t *Table) Index(columns interface{}, options Options) error

Index adds a new index to the table definition.

func (*Table) PrimaryKey Uses

func (t *Table) PrimaryKey(pk ...string) error

PrimaryKey adds a primary key to the table. It's useful to define a composite primary key.

func (*Table) PrimaryKeys Uses

func (t *Table) PrimaryKeys() []string

PrimaryKeys gets the list of registered primary key fields.

func (Table) String Uses

func (t Table) String() string

func (*Table) Timestamp Uses

func (t *Table) Timestamp(name string) error

Timestamp is a shortcut to add a timestamp column with default options.

func (*Table) Timestamps Uses

func (t *Table) Timestamps() error

Timestamps adds created_at and updated_at columns to the Table definition.

func (Table) UnFizz Uses

func (t Table) UnFizz() string

UnFizz returns the fizz DDL to remove the table.

type Translator Uses

type Translator interface {
    CreateTable(Table) (string, error)
    DropTable(Table) (string, error)
    RenameTable([]Table) (string, error)
    AddColumn(Table) (string, error)
    ChangeColumn(Table) (string, error)
    DropColumn(Table) (string, error)
    RenameColumn(Table) (string, error)
    AddIndex(Table) (string, error)
    DropIndex(Table) (string, error)
    RenameIndex(Table) (string, error)
    AddForeignKey(Table) (string, error)
    DropForeignKey(Table) (string, error)

Translator describes the common interface to define a fizz to SQL translator.


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