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package gotools

import ""


Package Files

get.go gotools.go


var AddImport = gogen.AddImport
var AddInsideBlock = gogen.AddInsideBlock
var Append = gogen.Append
var FmtTransformer = gogen.FmtTransformer
var GoFiles = gogen.GoFiles
var GoFmt = gogen.Fmt
var Install = gogen.Install
var PackageName = gogen.PackageName
var ParseFile = gogen.ParseFile
var ParseFileMode = gogen.ParseFileMode
var ReplaceBlockBody = gogen.ReplaceBlockBody
var RewriteImports = gogen.RewriteImports
var TemplateHelpers = gogen.TemplateHelpers
var TemplateTransformer = gogen.TemplateTransformer

func Get Uses

func Get(pkg string, args ...string) genny.RunFn

Get is deprecated. Use instead.

type ParsedFile Uses

type ParsedFile = gogen.ParsedFile


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