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package parser

import ""


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args.go box.go file.go finder.go gogen.go parser.go prospect.go roots.go visitor.go


var DefaultIgnoredFolders = []string{".", "_", "vendor", "node_modules", "_fixtures", "testdata"}

func FromArgs Uses

func FromArgs(args []string, fn func(Boxes) error) error

FromArgs is useful when writing packr store-cmd binaries.

package main

import (


func main() {
	err := parser.FromArgs(os.Args[1:], func(boxes parser.Boxes) error {
		for _, box := range boxes {
			s3 := s3packr.New(box)
			if err := s3.Pack(box); err != nil {
				return err
		return nil

	if err != nil {

func IsProspect Uses

func IsProspect(path string, ignore ...string) (status bool)

type Box Uses

type Box struct {
    Name       string // name of the box
    Path       string // relative path of folder NewBox("./templates")
    AbsPath    string // absolute path of Path
    Package    string // the package name the box was found in
    PWD        string // the PWD when the parser was run
    PackageDir string // the absolute path of the package where the box was found

Box found while parsing a file

func NewBox Uses

func NewBox(name string, path string) *Box

NewBox stub from the name and the path provided

func (Box) String Uses

func (b Box) String() string

String - json returned

type Boxes Uses

type Boxes []*Box

type File Uses

type File struct {
    Path    string
    AbsPath string

File that is to be parsed

func NewFile Uses

func NewFile(path string, r io.Reader) *File

NewFile takes the name of the file you want to write to and a reader to reader from

func (File) Name Uses

func (f File) Name() string

Name of the file "app.go"

func (*File) String Uses

func (f *File) String() string

String returns the contents of the reader

func (*File) Write Uses

func (s *File) Write(p []byte) (int, error)

type ParsedFile Uses

type ParsedFile struct {
    File    packd.SimpleFile
    FileSet *token.FileSet
    Ast     *ast.File
    Lines   []string

ParsedFile ...

func ParseFile Uses

func ParseFile(gf packd.SimpleFile) (ParsedFile, error)

ParseFile ...

func ParseFileMode Uses

func ParseFileMode(gf packd.SimpleFile, mode parser.Mode) (ParsedFile, error)

ParseFileMode ...

type Parser Uses

type Parser struct {
    Prospects     []*File // a list of files to check for boxes
    IgnoreImports bool

Parser to find boxes

func New Uses

func New(prospects ...*File) *Parser

New Parser from a list of File

func NewFromRoots Uses

func NewFromRoots(roots []string, opts *RootsOptions) (*Parser, error)

NewFromRoots scans the file roots provided and returns a new Parser containing the prospects

func (*Parser) Run Uses

func (p *Parser) Run() (Boxes, error)

Run the parser and run any boxes found

type RootsOptions Uses

type RootsOptions struct {
    IgnoreImports bool
    Ignores       []string

func (RootsOptions) String Uses

func (r RootsOptions) String() string

type Visitor Uses

type Visitor struct {
    File    packd.SimpleFile
    Package string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewVisitor Uses

func NewVisitor(f *File) *Visitor

func (*Visitor) Run Uses

func (v *Visitor) Run() (Boxes, error)

func (*Visitor) Visit Uses

func (v *Visitor) Visit(node ast.Node) ast.Visitor

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