clientPackage client provides access to the circuit programming environment to user programs.
cmd/circuitThis package provides the executable program for the resource-sharing circuit app
element/_mesosPackage mesos provides the mesos element which serves as a real-time resource megotiation exchange inspired by Apache Mesos.
element/valve dns implements a full featured interface to the Domain Name System.
kitPackage kit contains various utility packages useful with the circuit
kit/configPackage config facilitates parsing JSON data with $-style environment variable references
kit/debugPackage debug implements debugging utilities
kit/debug/ctrlcPackage ctrlc has the side effect of installing a Ctrl-C signal handler that throws a panic
kit/debug/httpPackage http contains implementation for various HTTP reporting endpoint
kit/debug/http/tracePackage trace has the side effect of installing HTTP endpoints that report tracing information
kit/debug/killPackage kill has the side effect of installing a KILL signal handler that throws a panic
kit/fmtPackage fmt contains string formatting utilities
kit/iomiscPackage iomisc implements miscellaneous I/O facilities
kit/llrbPackage llrb provides a left-leaning red-black implementation of 2-3 balanced binary search trees
kit/lockfilePackage os provides application-level utilities that are implemented using OS facilities (like lock files)
kit/modulePackage module provides a mechanism for linking an implementation package to a declaration package
kit/posixPackage posix provides a few POSIX-based facilities for local and remote scripting
kit/ptyPackage pty provides functions for working with Unix terminals.
kit/schedPackage sched contains primitives for scheduling
kit/sched/limiterPackage limiter schedules job execution while maintaining an upper limit on concurrency
kit/statPackage stat implements facilities for storing distribution sketches and updating them
kit/syncPackage sync provides various synchronization primitives
kit/telePackage tele implements Teleport Transport which can overcome network outages without affecting endpoint logic.
kit/tele/hmacPackage hmac implements carrier transports over TCP using HMAC authentication and RC4 symmetric encryption.
kit/tele/limiterPackage limiter schedules job execution while maintaining an upper limit on concurrency
kit/tele/tcpPackage tcp implements carrier transports over TCP.
kit/tele/tracePackage trace implements an ad-hoc tracing system
kit/xPackage x encloses utilities for cross-sharing various types.
kit/x/execPackage exec facilitates remote execution of OS processes across workers
kit/x/filePackage file provides ways to pass open files to across circuit runtimes
kit/x/ioPackage io facilitates sharing io reader/writer/closers across workers.
kit/xorPackage xor implements a nearest-neighbor data structure for the XOR-metric.
sysPackage sys encloses the implementations of circuit modules
sys/acidPackage acid implements a built-in API that exposes debugging, profiling, monitoring, and other worker facilities
sys/langPackage lang implements the language runtime
sys/lang/profPackage prof implements internal profiling data structures
sys/lang/typesPackage types implements the runtime type system
sys/telePackage tele implements the circuit/use/n networking module using Teleport Transport
tissuePackage tissue is an efficient “social” protocol for maintaining mutual awareness and sharing resources amongs circuit workers.
usePackage use contains the programming interfaces exposed by the circuit module system
use/anchorfsPackage anchorfs exposes the programming interface for accessing the anchor file system
use/circuitPackage circuit exposes the core functionalities provided by the circuit programming environment
use/workerPackage worker is a facade for the circuit spawning mechanism module

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