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package docker

import ""


Package Files

docker.go run.go stat.go

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Hostname        string
    Domainname      string
    User            string
    Memory          int64  // Memory limit (in bytes)
    MemorySwap      int64  // Total memory usage (memory + swap); set `-1' to disable swap
    CpuShares       int64  // CPU shares (relative weight vs. other containers)
    Cpuset          string // Cpuset 0-2, 0,1
    AttachStdin     bool
    AttachStdout    bool
    AttachStderr    bool
    PortSpecs       []string // Deprecated - Can be in the format of 8080/tcp
    ExposedPorts    map[Port]struct{}
    Tty             bool // Attach standard streams to a tty, including stdin if it is not closed.
    OpenStdin       bool // Open stdin
    StdinOnce       bool // If true, close stdin after the 1 attached client disconnects.
    Env             []string
    Cmd             []string
    Image           string // Name of the image as it was passed by the operator (eg. could be symbolic)
    Volumes         map[string]struct{}
    WorkingDir      string
    Entrypoint      []string
    NetworkDisabled bool
    OnBuild         []string

type Container Uses

type Container interface {
    IsDone() bool
    Peek() (*Stat, error)
    Signal(sig string) error
    Wait() (*Stat, error)
    Stdin() io.WriteCloser
    Stdout() io.ReadCloser
    Stderr() io.ReadCloser

type HostConfig Uses

type HostConfig struct {
    Binds           []string
    ContainerIDFile string
    LxcConf         []KeyValuePair
    Privileged      bool
    PortBindings    PortMap
    Links           []string
    PublishAllPorts bool
    Dns             []string
    DnsSearch       []string
    VolumesFrom     []string
    NetworkMode     NetworkMode

type KeyValuePair Uses

type KeyValuePair struct {
    Key   string
    Value string

type NetworkMode Uses

type NetworkMode string

type NetworkSettings Uses

type NetworkSettings struct {
    IPAddress   string
    IPPrefixLen int
    Gateway     string
    Bridge      string
    PortMapping map[string]PortMapping // Deprecated
    Ports       PortMap

type Port Uses

type Port string

type PortBinding Uses

type PortBinding struct {
    HostIp   string
    HostPort string

type PortMap Uses

type PortMap map[Port][]PortBinding

type PortMapping Uses

type PortMapping map[string]string // Deprecated

type PortSet Uses

type PortSet map[Port]struct{}

type Run Uses

type Run struct {
    Image     string
    Memory    int64
    CpuShares int64
    Lxc       []string
    Volume    []string
    Dir       string
    Entry     string
    Env       []string
    Path      string
    Args      []string
    Scrub     bool

Run parameterizes a container execution.

func ParseRun Uses

func ParseRun(src string) (*Run, error)

func (*Run) Arg Uses

func (x *Run) Arg(name string) []string

func (*Run) String Uses

func (x *Run) String() string

func (*Run) Volumes Uses

func (x *Run) Volumes() map[string]struct{}

type Stat Uses

type Stat struct {
    ID              string
    Created         time.Time
    Path            string
    Args            []string
    Config          Config
    State           State
    Image           string
    NetworkSettings NetworkSettings
    ResolvConfPath  string
    HostnamePath    string
    HostsPath       string
    Name            string
    Driver          string
    ExecDriver      string
    Volumes         map[string]string
    VolumesRW       map[string]bool
    HostConfig      HostConfig

func ParseStat Uses

func ParseStat(buf []byte) (s *Stat, err error)

func ParseStatInArray Uses

func ParseStatInArray(buf []byte) (s *Stat, err error)

func (Stat) String Uses

func (s Stat) String() string

type State Uses

type State struct {
    Running    bool
    Paused     bool
    Pid        int
    ExitCode   int
    StartedAt  time.Time
    FinishedAt time.Time
    Ghost      bool

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