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package queue

import ""


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type InMemoryQueueStorage Uses

type InMemoryQueueStorage struct {
    // MaxSize defines the capacity of the queue.
    // New requests are discarded if the queue size reaches MaxSize
    MaxSize int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

InMemoryQueueStorage is the default implementation of the Storage interface. InMemoryQueueStorage holds the request queue in memory.

func (*InMemoryQueueStorage) AddRequest Uses

func (q *InMemoryQueueStorage) AddRequest(r []byte) error

AddRequest implements Storage.AddRequest() function

func (*InMemoryQueueStorage) GetRequest Uses

func (q *InMemoryQueueStorage) GetRequest() ([]byte, error)

GetRequest implements Storage.GetRequest() function

func (*InMemoryQueueStorage) Init Uses

func (q *InMemoryQueueStorage) Init() error

Init implements Storage.Init() function

func (*InMemoryQueueStorage) QueueSize Uses

func (q *InMemoryQueueStorage) QueueSize() (int, error)

QueueSize implements Storage.QueueSize() function

type Queue Uses

type Queue struct {
    // Threads defines the number of consumer threads
    Threads int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Queue is a request queue which uses a Collector to consume requests in multiple threads

func New Uses

func New(threads int, s Storage) (*Queue, error)

New creates a new queue with a Storage specified in argument A standard InMemoryQueueStorage is used if Storage argument is nil.

func (*Queue) AddRequest Uses

func (q *Queue) AddRequest(r *colly.Request) error

AddRequest adds a new Request to the queue

func (*Queue) AddURL Uses

func (q *Queue) AddURL(URL string) error

AddURL adds a new URL to the queue

func (*Queue) IsEmpty Uses

func (q *Queue) IsEmpty() bool

IsEmpty returns true if the queue is empty

func (*Queue) Run Uses

func (q *Queue) Run(c *colly.Collector) error

Run starts consumer threads and calls the Collector to perform requests. Run blocks while the queue has active requests

func (*Queue) Size Uses

func (q *Queue) Size() (int, error)

Size returns the size of the queue

type Storage Uses

type Storage interface {
    // Init initializes the storage
    Init() error
    // AddRequest adds a serialized request to the queue
    AddRequest([]byte) error
    // GetRequest pops the next request from the queue
    // or returns error if the queue is empty
    GetRequest() ([]byte, error)
    // QueueSize returns with the size of the queue
    QueueSize() (int, error)

Storage is the interface of the queue's storage backend

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