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Command godoctor

The godoctor command refactors Go code.

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analysis/cfgPackage cfg provides intraprocedural control flow graphs (CFGs) with statement-level granularity, i.e., CFGs whose nodes correspond 1-1 to the Stmt nodes from an abstract syntax tree.
analysis/dataflowPackage dataflow provides data flow analyses that can be performed on a previously constructed control flow graph, including a reaching definitions analysis and a live variables analysis for local variables.
analysis/namesPackage names provides functions to analyze the usage names (functions, types, variables, etc.) across multiple files.
docPackage doc contains functions to generate the HTML User's Guide and the man page for the Go Doctor.
enginePackage engine is the programmatic entrypoint to the Go refactoring engine.
engine/cliThe cli package provides a command-line interface for the Go Doctor.
engine/protocolPackage protocol provides an implementation of the OpenRefactory protocol (server-side), which provides a standard mechanism for text editors to communicate with refactoring engines.
filesystemPackage filesystem provides a file system abstraction and types describing potential changes to a file system.
refactoringPackage refactoring contains all of the refactorings supported by the Go Doctor, as well as types (such as refactoring.Log) used to interface with those refactorings.
textPackage text provides the text manipulation infrastructure used for refactoring, including the definition of EditSet (a set of changes to be made to a text file) and functions for creating unified diffs.

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