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package doc

import "github.com/godoctor/godoctor/doc"

Package doc contains functions to generate the HTML User's Guide and the man page for the Go Doctor.


Package Files

install.go man.go user.go util.go vimdoc.go

func PrintInstallGuide Uses

func PrintInstallGuide(aboutText string, flags *flag.FlagSet, out io.Writer)

PrintInstallGuide outputs the (HTML) Installation Guide for the Go Doctor.

func PrintManPage Uses

func PrintManPage(aboutText string, flags *flag.FlagSet, out io.Writer)

PrintManPage outputs a man page for the godoctor command line tool.

func PrintUserGuide Uses

func PrintUserGuide(aboutText string, flags *flag.FlagSet, out io.Writer)

PrintUserGuide outputs the User's Guide for the Go Doctor (in HTML).

Both the godoctor man page and the Vim plugin reference are generated and included in the User's Guide. The man page content is piped through groff to convert it to HTML.

func PrintUserGuideAsGiven Uses

func PrintUserGuideAsGiven(aboutText string, flags *flag.FlagSet, ctnt *UserGuideContent, out io.Writer)

PrintUserGuideAsGiven outputs the User's Guide for the Go Doctor (in HTML). However, if the content's ManPageHTML and/or VimdocHTML is nonempty, the given content is used rather than generating the content. This is used by the online documentation, which cannot execute groff to convert the man page to HTML (due to an App Engine restriction), and which uses a Vim-colored version of the Vim plugin documentation.

func PrintVimdoc Uses

func PrintVimdoc(aboutText string, flags *flag.FlagSet, out io.Writer)

PrintVimdoc outputs vimdoc documentation for the Go Doctor Vim plugin.

type UserGuideContent Uses

type UserGuideContent struct {
    ManPageHTML string
    VimdocHTML  string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

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