gbase64Package gbase64 provides useful API for BASE64 encoding/decoding algorithm.
gbinaryPackage gbinary provides useful API for handling binary/bytes data.
gcharsetPackage charset implements character-set conversion functionality.
gcompressPackage gcompress provides kinds of compression algorithms for binary/bytes data.
ghashPackage ghash provides some classic hash functions(uint32/uint64) in go.
ghtmlPackage ghtml provides useful API for HTML content handling.
giniPackage gini provides accessing and converting for INI content.
gjsonPackage gjson provides convenient API for JSON/XML/INI/YAML/TOML data handling.
gparserPackage gparser provides convenient API for accessing/converting variable and JSON/XML/YAML/TOML.
gtomlPackage gtoml provides accessing and converting for TOML content.
gurlPackage gurl provides useful API for URL handling.
gxmlPackage gxml provides accessing and converting for XML content.
gyamlPackage gyaml provides accessing and converting for YAML content.

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