gcachePackage gcache provides high performance and concurrent-safe in-memory cache for process.
gcfgPackage gcfg provides reading, caching and managing for configuration.
gcmdPackage gcmd provides console operations, like options/values reading and command running.
gcronPackage gcron implements a cron pattern parser and job runner.
genvPackage genv provides operations for environment variables of system.
gfcachePackage gfcache provides reading and caching for file contents.
gfilePackage gfile provides easy-to-use operations for file system.
gflockPackage gflock implements a thread-safe sync.Locker interface for file locking.
gfpoolPackage gfpool provides io-reusable pool for file pointer.
gfsnotifyPackage gfsnotify provides a platform-independent interface for file system notifications.
glogPackage glog implements powerful and easy-to-use levelled logging functionality.
gmlockPackage gmlock implements a concurrent-safe memory-based locker.
gprocPackage gproc implements communication and management of processes.
grpoolPackage grpool implements a goroutine reusable pool.
gspathPackage gspath implements file index and search for folders.
gtimePackage gtime provides functionality for measuring and displaying time.
gtimerPackage gtimer implements Hierarchical Timing Wheel for interval/delayed jobs running and management.
gviewPackage gview implements a template engine based on text/template.

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