gbuildPackage gbuild manages the build-in variables from "gf build".
gcachePackage gcache provides high performance and concurrent-safe in-memory cache for process.
gcfgPackage gcfg provides reading, caching and managing for configuration.
gcmdPackage gcmd provides console operations, like options/arguments reading and command running.
gcronPackage gcron implements a cron pattern parser and job runner.
genvPackage genv provides operations for environment variables of system.
gfcachePackage gfcache provides reading and caching for file contents.
gfilePackage gfile provides easy-to-use operations for file system.
gfpoolPackage gfpool provides io-reusable pool for file pointer.
gfsnotifyPackage gfsnotify provides a platform-independent interface for file system notifications.
glogPackage glog implements powerful and easy-to-use levelled logging functionality.
gmlockPackage gmlock implements a concurrent-safe memory-based locker.
gmutexPackage gmutex implements graceful concurrent-safe mutex with more rich features.
gprocPackage gproc implements management and communication for processes.
gresPackage gres provides resource management and packing/unpacking feature between files and bytes.
grpoolPackage grpool implements a goroutine reusable pool.
gsessionPackage gsession implements manager and storage features for sessions.
gspathPackage gspath implements file index and search for folders.
gtimePackage gtime provides functionality for measuring and displaying time.
gtimerPackage gtimer implements Hierarchical Timing Wheel for interval/delayed jobs running and management.
gviewPackage gview implements a template engine based on text/template.

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