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package loggers

import ""


Package Files

ignorableLogger.go loggers.go


var (
    // Counts ERROR logs to the global jww logger.
    GlobalErrorCounter *jww.Counter

func InitGlobalLogger Uses

func InitGlobalLogger(stdoutThreshold, logThreshold jww.Threshold, outHandle, logHandle io.Writer)

InitGlobalLogger initializes the global logger, used in some rare cases.

type IgnorableLogger Uses

type IgnorableLogger struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

IgnorableLogger is a logger that ignores certain log statements.

func NewIgnorableLogger Uses

func NewIgnorableLogger(logger *Logger, statements ...string) IgnorableLogger

NewIgnorableLogger wraps the given logger and ignores the log statement IDs given.

func (IgnorableLogger) Errorf Uses

func (l IgnorableLogger) Errorf(statementID, format string, v ...interface{})

type Logger Uses

type Logger struct {

    // The writer that represents stdout.
    // Will be ioutil.Discard when in quiet mode.
    Out io.Writer

    ErrorCounter *jww.Counter
    WarnCounter  *jww.Counter
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Logger wraps a *loggers.Logger and some other related logging state.

func NewDebugLogger Uses

func NewDebugLogger() *Logger

NewDebugLogger is a convenience function to create a debug logger.

func NewErrorLogger Uses

func NewErrorLogger() *Logger

NewErrorLogger is a convenience function to create an error logger.

func NewLogger Uses

func NewLogger(stdoutThreshold, logThreshold jww.Threshold, outHandle, logHandle io.Writer, saveErrors bool) *Logger

NewLogger creates a new Logger for the given thresholds

func NewWarningLogger Uses

func NewWarningLogger() *Logger

NewWarningLogger is a convenience function to create a warning logger.

func (*Logger) Errors Uses

func (l *Logger) Errors() string

func (*Logger) PrintTimer Uses

func (l *Logger) PrintTimer(start time.Time, name string)

func (*Logger) PrintTimerIfDelayed Uses

func (l *Logger) PrintTimerIfDelayed(start time.Time, name string)

PrintTimerIfDelayed prints a time statement to the FEEDBACK logger if considerable time is spent.

func (*Logger) Reset Uses

func (l *Logger) Reset()

Reset resets the logger's internal state.

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