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package deploy

import ""


Package Files

cloudfront.go deploy.go deployConfig.go deploy_azure.go google.go

func InvalidateCloudFront Uses

func InvalidateCloudFront(ctx context.Context, distributionID string) error

InvalidateCloudFront invalidates the CloudFront cache for distributionID. It uses the default AWS credentials from the environment.

func InvalidateGoogleCloudCDN Uses

func InvalidateGoogleCloudCDN(ctx context.Context, origin string) error

Invalidate all of the content in a Google Cloud CDN distribution.

type Deployer Uses

type Deployer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Deployer supports deploying the site to target cloud providers.

func New Uses

func New(cfg config.Provider, localFs afero.Fs) (*Deployer, error)

New constructs a new *Deployer.

func (*Deployer) Deploy Uses

func (d *Deployer) Deploy(ctx context.Context) error

Deploy deploys the site to a target.

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