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package htesting

import ""


Package Files

test_helpers.go testdata_builder.go

func BailOut Uses

func BailOut(after time.Duration)

BailOut panics with a stack trace after the given duration. Useful for hanging tests.

func CreateTempDir Uses

func CreateTempDir(fs afero.Fs, prefix string) (string, func(), error)

CreateTempDir creates a temp dir in the given filesystem and returns the dirnam and a func that removes it when done.

func DiffStringSlices Uses

func DiffStringSlices(slice1 []string, slice2 []string) []string

DiffStringSlices returns the difference between two string slices. Useful in tests. See:

func DiffStrings Uses

func DiffStrings(s1, s2 string) []string

DiffStrings splits the strings into fields and runs it into DiffStringSlices. Useful for tests.

func NewTestdataBuilder Uses

func NewTestdataBuilder(fs afero.Fs, workingDir string, t testing.TB) *testdataBuilder

func RandIntn Uses

func RandIntn(n int) int



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