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package livereload

import ""


Package Files

connection.go hub.go livereload.go

func ForceRefresh Uses

func ForceRefresh()

ForceRefresh tells livereload to force a hard refresh.

func Handler Uses

func Handler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

Handler is a HandlerFunc handling the livereload Websocket interaction.

func Initialize Uses

func Initialize()

Initialize starts the Websocket Hub handling live reloads.

func NavigateToPath(path string)

NavigateToPath tells livereload to navigate to the given path. This translates to `window.location.href = path` in the client.

func NavigateToPathForPort(path string, port int)

NavigateToPathForPort is similar to NavigateToPath but will also set window.location.port to the given port value.

func RefreshPath Uses

func RefreshPath(s string)

RefreshPath tells livereload to refresh only the given path. If that path points to a CSS stylesheet or an image, only the changes will be updated in the browser, not the entire page.

func ServeJS Uses

func ServeJS(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

ServeJS serves the liverreload.js who's reference is injected into the page.

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