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package hooks

import ""


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type HeadingContext Uses

type HeadingContext interface {
    // Page is the page containing the heading.
    Page() interface{}
    // Level is the level of the header (i.e. 1 for top-level, 2 for sub-level, etc.).
    Level() int
    // Anchor is the HTML id assigned to the heading.
    Anchor() string
    // Text is the rendered (HTML) heading text, excluding the heading marker.
    Text() string
    // PlainText is the unrendered version of Text.
    PlainText() string

HeadingContext contains accessors to all attributes that a HeadingRenderer can use to render a heading.

type HeadingRenderer Uses

type HeadingRenderer interface {
    // Render writes the rendered content to w using the data in w.
    RenderHeading(w io.Writer, ctx HeadingContext) error

HeadingRenderer describes a uniquely identifiable rendering hook.

type LinkContext Uses

type LinkContext interface {
    Page() interface{}
    Destination() string
    Title() string
    Text() string
    PlainText() string

type LinkRenderer Uses

type LinkRenderer interface {
    RenderLink(w io.Writer, ctx LinkContext) error

type Renderers Uses

type Renderers struct {
    LinkRenderer    LinkRenderer
    ImageRenderer   LinkRenderer
    HeadingRenderer HeadingRenderer

func (*Renderers) Eq Uses

func (r *Renderers) Eq(other interface{}) bool

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