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package highlight

import ""

Package highlight provides code highlighting.


Package Files

config.go highlight.go


var DefaultConfig = Config{

    Style:              "monokai",
    LineNoStart:        1,
    CodeFences:         true,
    NoClasses:          true,
    LineNumbersInTable: true,
    TabWidth:           4,

func ApplyLegacyConfig Uses

func ApplyLegacyConfig(cfg config.Provider, conf *Config) error

ApplyLegacyConfig applies legacy config from back when we had Pygments.

func GetCodeBlockOptions Uses

func GetCodeBlockOptions() func(ctx hl.CodeBlockContext) []html.Option

func WriteCodeTag Uses

func WriteCodeTag(w io.Writer, language string)

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Style string

    CodeFences bool

    // Use inline CSS styles.
    NoClasses bool

    // When set, line numbers will be printed.
    LineNos            bool
    LineNumbersInTable bool

    // When set, add links to line numbers
    AnchorLineNos bool
    LineAnchors   string

    // Start the line numbers from this value (default is 1).
    LineNoStart int

    // A space separated list of line numbers, e.g. “3-8 10-20”.
    Hl_Lines string

    // TabWidth sets the number of characters for a tab. Defaults to 4.
    TabWidth int

    GuessSyntax bool

func (Config) ToHTMLOptions Uses

func (cfg Config) ToHTMLOptions() []html.Option

type Highlighter Uses

type Highlighter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(cfg Config) Highlighter

func (Highlighter) Highlight Uses

func (h Highlighter) Highlight(code, lang, optsStr string) (string, error)

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