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package publisher

import ""


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htmlElementsCollector.go publisher.go

type Descriptor Uses

type Descriptor struct {
    // The content to publish.
    Src io.Reader

    // The OutputFormat of the this content.
    OutputFormat output.Format

    // Where to publish this content. This is a filesystem-relative path.
    TargetPath string

    // Counter for the end build summary.
    StatCounter *uint64

    // Configuration that trigger pre-processing.
    // LiveReload script will be injected if this is > 0
    LiveReloadPort int

    // Enable to inject the Hugo generated tag in the header. Is currently only
    // injected on the home page for HTML type of output formats.
    AddHugoGeneratorTag bool

    // If set, will replace all relative URLs with this one.
    AbsURLPath string

    // Enable to minify the output using the OutputFormat defined above to
    // pick the correct minifier configuration.
    Minify bool

Descriptor describes the needed publishing chain for an item.

type DestinationPublisher Uses

type DestinationPublisher struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DestinationPublisher is the default and currently only publisher in Hugo. This publisher prepares and publishes an item to the defined destination, e.g. /public.

func NewDestinationPublisher Uses

func NewDestinationPublisher(rs *resources.Spec, outputFormats output.Formats, mediaTypes media.Types) (pub DestinationPublisher, err error)

NewDestinationPublisher creates a new DestinationPublisher.

func (DestinationPublisher) Publish Uses

func (p DestinationPublisher) Publish(d Descriptor) error

Publish applies any relevant transformations and writes the file to its destination, e.g. /public.

func (DestinationPublisher) PublishStats Uses

func (p DestinationPublisher) PublishStats() PublishStats

type HTMLElements Uses

type HTMLElements struct {
    Tags    []string `json:"tags"`
    Classes []string `json:"classes"`
    IDs     []string `json:"ids"`

HTMLElements holds lists of tags and attribute values for classes and id.

func (*HTMLElements) Merge Uses

func (h *HTMLElements) Merge(other HTMLElements)

func (*HTMLElements) Sort Uses

func (h *HTMLElements) Sort()

type PublishStats Uses

type PublishStats struct {
    HTMLElements HTMLElements `json:"htmlElements"`

type Publisher Uses

type Publisher interface {
    Publish(d Descriptor) error
    PublishStats() PublishStats

Publisher publishes a result file.

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