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package internal

import ""


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type ResourceTransformationKey Uses

type ResourceTransformationKey struct {
    Name string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ResourceTransformationKey are provided by the different transformation implementations. It identifies the transformation (name) and its configuration (elements). We combine this in a chain with the rest of the transformations with the target filename and a content hash of the origin to use as cache key.

func NewResourceTransformationKey Uses

func NewResourceTransformationKey(name string, elements ...interface{}) ResourceTransformationKey

NewResourceTransformationKey creates a new ResourceTransformationKey from the transformation name and elements. We will create a 64 bit FNV hash from the elements, which when combined with the other key elements should be unique for all practical applications.

func (ResourceTransformationKey) Value Uses

func (k ResourceTransformationKey) Value() string

Value returns the Key as a string. Do not change this without good reasons.

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